Unit 7 Assignment 1 Course Project-NO DOWN PAYMENTS

| November 22, 2017

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Intervention Implementation/Change Plan Template Note (remove upon completing this section) Include the following in this section: • A brief introductory statement to describe this assignment’s purpose and content. • A completed Change Management Planner worksheet (link in the Resources). • A completed Evaluating Sustainability From a Change Management Perspective worksheet (link in the Resources). • Conclusions—specifically, a summary of your intervention implementation plan describing how you would address change management factors. • Lessons learned from this implementation/change process. Include a response to the following question: o Beyond the worksheet data that you used in this assignment, what additional or alternative process, tools, or sample questions from your readings would you consider using to complete this implementation or change plan? NOTE: Integrate course readings to support HPI-related points and to strengthen the narrative.
ED7631_Final_Project_LaToya_Bruns.docx File is pending scan and upload.

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