Admission Essay

The Accomplishments That Make Me the Person I Am

The personal quality that is of the greatest importance to me is the ability to play basketball. While in China, I could not play basketball at all. I had a strong desire to learn the game but did not have ample opportunities to practice. Basketball is not a popular sport in the part of China where I come from, hence I was not motivated by friends to continue engaging in it. Moreover, I encountered a major problem in terms of access to training facilities. In other words, it became virtually impossible for me to become a competent basketball player in China.

Fortunately, everything changed when I came to the United States. I promptly attended a junior varsity basketball team and started to learn many things about the game. I realized that basketball is a very popular game here in the United States. Most college students are interested in becoming professional basketball players. Most of my friends happened to be basketball enthusiasts. They helped me to learn very many things about the game. They knew almost everything about basketball rules while I knew almost nothing. After months of practicing diligently, I gradually acquired all the basic skills. Within no time, the talented basketball player in me began to emerge. I became a valuable member of the varsity basketball team. When I became a senior, I attended and participated in varsity basketball competitions. I am proud of this accomplishment because it provided a major boost to my self-confidence. Moreover, it made me realize that I can achieve anything I want as long as I work extremely hard at it.


The other crucial accomplishment that defines who I am is my ability to play the piano. My prowess as a pianist enabled me to get a Level 9 reward in an elite piano competition. I spend a lot of time playing it, and this explains why I have become a professional pianist. This activity defines who I am because it is one of the activities that I engage in on a daily basis. Sometimes my friends come after me requesting to be trained to become pianists. I always oblige because it is always better to lend a helping hand to one’s friends than to idle around. In any case, some of the friends whom I have been teaching the piano have reciprocated by helping me learn numerous basketball skills. Such interactions always make college life fun.

These two accomplishments have played a critical role in helping adapt to a new way of life here in the United States. Soon after arriving here, I realized that many local social-cultural practices were different from the ones I was used to in China. Thus, I need to look for a place where I could easily fit socially and culturally. Through my passion for basketball and the piano, I have finally found two crucial activities that give me a platform for extensive social interactions. Consequently, I have been able to make many new friends. It has become easier to adapt to the American way of life than I had initially thought. In conclusion, the two accomplishments have changed my perception of the American culture in a positive way!

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