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You will demonstrate your ability to apply ethics to your future career in a health care setting by creating a one-page statement of your professional ethics. This statement should clearly identify your “ethics bottom line” and be suitable for framing. The document should be no larger than 8 1/2 by 11 inches. Creativity is encouraged so be free to express yourself visually as well as in writing.
In addition, support your ethics statement with a one-page support document (second page) that explains its origins. This document can be single spaced but must not exceed one page. Your document should help me understand why you chose the items that were included in your statement. It should also reflect how you applied your learning in the course to what you have written.
The following statements will assist you in the development for your statement:
What is your mission as a health care professional?
Why do you want to be part of this profession?
Is it to have the highest possible income or the most prestige? Certainly, money and success are important in American life and you want to be a successful person. However, health care demands more. For administrators or clinicians, it asks for a commitment to provide compassionate, quality care for patients. It also asks that we create a supportive environment for the provision of that care.
How are you going to accomplish this awesome mission? Is it just having the correct finances in place and well-written policies and procedures?
Are there deeper issues that you must consider? In this course, you have explored some of these deeper issues through applied ethics: the foundation of health care practice. Reading of the texts, office hours/chat and online discussions are a part of your exploration. However, in order to be able to apply ethics to your day-to-day management decisions and clinical practices, deeper learning is required.
Next, think about the four key principles of ethics you have studied. How does each of these principles apply to what you learned?

To summarize, you will submit an ethics statement suitable for framing and a one-page support paper – a total of two pages.

Professional Ethics Statement for (your name)
As an ethics-based health care professional, I will strive to meet or exceed the statements made below in the daily practice of my profession.

A career I would want to take up would be a quality and safety officer at a hospital or nursing home.


Professional Ethics Statement

As a quality and safety officer in healthcare, my personal ethics are centered on provision of better healthcare outcomes for patients and ensuring their safety by reducing the risk of unnecessary harm. Upholding ethics as a professional officer, I will work to achieve the following objectives in my daily practice in order to provide quality services:


Act as an agent of positive change in all key and vital areas of healthcare and identify better prospects and opportunities to further improve the resolution of health-related problems.

  • Strive to identify root causes of problems both perceived and anticipated in efforts to improve health outcomes for all people.
  • Ensure the medical personnel and practitioners have access to all the required tools and equipment to evaluate problems and achieve the desired results and improvements.
  • Ensure that all medical practitioners have the necessary skills to handle their respective lines of work effectively.
  • Integrate open communication between the personnel and the overall management to handle effectively all problems that may arise at both departmental and operational levels.
  • Integrate training and team approach to foster a standard approach to the progressive improvement of organizational processes.
  • Prioritize patient needs and expectations to guide and propagate continuous improvement of processes and services.
  • Seek out the management’s involvement in the development programs and planning approaches to enhance quality of services as well as promote patient safety.
  • Advocate for incentives and rewards to staff who exude high performance levels in their respective areas of work and meet the goals set beforehand to maximize overall efficiency of the organization.

The above mentioned items stem from the fact that most medical organizations over the years have resorted to the provision of poor services to patients. In turn, this has led to an overall decline in the quality of health care being administered across the board. Under these circumstances, it the patients who suffer immensely.

In line with the efforts to address this problem, my mission has also encompassed high level of commitment to provide quality care for patients and to create a conducive environment for that healthcare. This can be achieved not only by having the adequate finances and well laid out policies and procedures but also by addressing emerging issues in the medical field.

Moreover, my mission takes into account key concerns such as service variation, overuse and underuse of services, faulty systems and processes, and disparities in quality provision. Addressing these concerns will aid in improving the quality of healthcare being provided. Achieving this mission will involve the inculcation of the four vital key principles in medical ethics; namely justice, autonomy, and beneficence. Justice is concerned with fairness and equality in distribution of scarce medical resources to all patients deemed in need of them. Secondly, autonomy focuses on allowing patients to make their own decisions without coercion. Thirdly, beneficence emphasizes the need for medical practitioners to do that which is in the best interest of the patient. Lastly, non-maleficence is a crucial guiding principle based on which healthcare professionals are called upon to avoid causing any harm to patients at all times.

In conclusion, although high income was a major factor in my choice to join this profession, I also believe in the need to put professional integrity ahead of income and prestige. I am confident of achieving this objective by upholding the proper work ethics, aiming at providing quality service to make the reward and prestige more fulfilling, and most importantly, to adhere to the above professional ethics statement at all times.

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