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world history 1

| March 17, 2020

Question please answer the following questions in the file I’ll upload even the extra credit. Answer Sandra Houston Professor Sade History Paper 6 November 2014 World History 1 Short Answers Who are Romulus and Remus? Romulus and Remus were twin brothers and a part of Roman mythology, in which they were credited with founding the […]

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Refugees in Palestine

| February 21, 2020

Question I am requesting a writer with a Master’s Level in field History and Sociology. The writer is required to do the following. A. Describe who are Palestinians, the human conditions of Palestinians i.e. the warehouse, Where Palestine is located, what religion is practiced by the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and Languages are spoken. B. […]

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Myths, Illusions & Peace, An Analysis

| July 3, 2019

Question: Myths, Illusions, & Peace: Finding a New Direction for American in the Middle East by Dennis Ross & David Makovsky, New York: Penguin Press, 2010. Your paper should be 5 to 8 pages long (approximately 2000 words) and should focus on the following points: According to the authors, what are the basic myths and […]

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History Research Paper Assignment

| February 15, 2017

Research Paper Assignment I.RESEARCH PAPER GUIDELINES All written assignments MUST be submitted through the class website. Written assignments MUST be YOUR work in YOUR words. If you use materials prepared by others in your paper, you MUST provide appropriate references (footnotes). Failure to do so is considered plagiarism and is subject to the penalties described later in this syllabus. Papers will be submitted […]

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Article Review

| January 31, 2017

Analyze one of the required readings from this week, but only one of the articles from the 1970’s. There are several on feminism, from different perspectives, as well as one on the Nixon era. To successfully complete this essay, you will need to answer the following questions: Explain the cultural relevance of the article. Who […]

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| January 27, 2017

humanities one paragraph each, APA format, please provide reference.  I’ve attached the chapter related to question 2   (1)Line, color, hue, balance, form and perspective were some of the key concepts covered in this week’s tutorial.  Use the example of a painting by Peter Paul Rubens and discuss how one or more of this week’s […]

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response paper for an article about ‘Chinese art history

| January 13, 2017

response paper for an article about ‘Chinese art history. List at least two arguments from the article, and followed by 2 evidences in each argument, then talk about your own point of view about the two/three arguments the author listed with some own experience or other evidence. Get a 20 % discount on an order […]

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Workers East Taylorism and Revolution

| January 4, 2017

1700 word essay on this topic using the below required readings plus 4 other sources of your choice properly cited and with bibliography. Each paragraph except the introduction and conclusion require a citation. Use the Required readings… 1. Sochor, Z. A. {1981 April} “Soviet Taylorism Revisited.” Soviet Studies, 33{2} 246-264 2. Laczo, F {2009} “Hungary, […]

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Admission essay

| December 27, 2016

What was the environment in which you were raised? Describe your family, home, neighborhood, or community, and explain how it has shaped you as a person. Get a 20 % discount on an order above $ 20 Use the following coupon code : tpc20 Order Now

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Islamic civilization and history

| December 27, 2016

The theme of the essay focuses on the 2 most important Caliphates (or dynastic states) in Islamic history, the Umayyad and the Abbasid. Where do the names Umayyad and Abbasid derive from; What were the particular accomplishments of each; how did they differ; and what was it would you say that made them each to […]

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