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Australian Intellectual Property Law

| January 25, 2020

Question Preferred language style: English (U.K.) 1.I got an instruction sheet which to choose one out of four copyright essay topics. (I will scan and upload) 2.Theres 3000 words limit (including footnotes) but theres 10% more words room without penalty. 3.Its a research essay so not set to limit how many references to use.As long […]

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To what extent is restorative justice the key to the problem of how to prevent crime?

| August 3, 2019

We handle law papers. We decided to share this sample to demonstrate our commitment to authoring long law papers as per your instructions. This particular sample paper is 18 pages long and has 12 sources, It was written and formatted according to APA style. Some of the features of the APA style such as running […]

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Legal Case Review

| July 14, 2019

Question: Select a court case relating to the travel industry (hotels, airlines, etc.) It must be 5 pages, double spaced. Paper will explain what the case was about: 1. the facts, 2. the results, 3. whether there was an appeal, and 4. whether you agree/disagree with the decision. The CORE PORTION OF THE PAPER needs […]

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Sample Law Paper: Can Your Privacy be protected on Social Networking Sites? (34 pages)

| July 8, 2019

Question: Master of Law (The quality of writing is important) and to be clear with citation. Any information you get it, you should write it in the footnote and bibliography anything you take it except your opinion. It must present an original argument or approach to an issue or area. It is not sufficient for […]

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Sample Law Paper: To what extent has the Human Rights Act 1998 contributed to the changing of the human rights culture in the UK

| November 23, 2018

Write my research paper Title: To what extent has the Human Rights Act 1998 contributed to the changing of the human rights culture in the UK Introduction Since the enactment of the Human Rights Act in 1998, the human rights culture has changed a great deal. The guarantees protection under the law, of some rights […]

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