China and globalization

| December 1, 2015

Anthropologists have argued that globalization is a set of heterogeneous projects and processes, and that these projects and processes are constituted within different historical moments and/or from different sociocultural locations. Using two examples from the list below, discuss the production of particular concepts of globalization (hint: “concepts” such as the proletariat world, late capitalism, neoliberalism, minor transnationalism, colonialism, etc). Your discussion should 1)utilize and build on lectures, readings and/or films and 2)take into consideration the production and reproduction of differences and inequalities (for example, cultural, racial, economic, political and/or gender differences).

A. China’s engagement with Africa
B. Changing ideas of gender (hint: motherhood, consumer identity, sexuality)
C. The identity of “primitives” “third-world people” and “indigenous people”
D. Health and medicine

The final paper should be no less than 6 full pages long. Put page numbers in your header or footer, make sure you have all the required information (your name, student ID#, etc.), and absolutely use the assigned font and spacing (Times New Roman, 12-point, double-spaced, and margins of 1 inch on any side). If you put a date on your paper, use the date on which the paper is due and no other date.

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Category: Anthropology

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