Civil Rights

| March 14, 2020

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Article A

This article provides a concise summary of how the civil rights movement developed, the problems that triggered it, and the course of events that culminated in crucial legislative changes for the benefit of African Americans (, 2014). However, the paper only provides a short background of historical injustices that African Americans faced, primarily through racial discrimination. This means that one may need to explore other sources to get a better idea of the historical context of the civil rights struggle in America between 1954 and 1965. Similarly, the article does not highlight how the lives of African Americans are being impacted on by the outcomes of the movement. Nevertheless, the article sheds light on how problematic the problem of racial discrimination had become and the efforts African Americans made to deal with it. I think the most important thing about this article is that it enables the reader to look back in retrospect and assess the socio-economic and political circumstances of African Americans during the civil rights struggle.


Article B

            This article focuses on the opportunities that African Americans gained through the civil rights struggle. It provides a detailed description in a manner that enables the reader to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges the Africans Americans were facing and the expectations they had for the future. The article also explains how Martin Luther King Jr. led the movement in the pursuit of racial equality. The article also contains useful information on the various avenues that leaders of the movement used to campaign for change. I think it is also noteworthy that the author indicates that the need for a movement existed even during the nineteenth century. I feel that readers of this article will be interested in evaluating other sources to know what precisely transpired during the nineteenth century to provide the foundation for the emergence of the civil rights struggle.

References (2014). The Civil Rights Movement (1954-1965): An Overview. Online.

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