Compare and contrast blogs and wikis. Comment on the importance of convergence in today’s networked world. How can blogs be used for collaboration? Can you think of a new use for a wiki that has not been done yet?
Cite at least 2 of the assigned readings. only 2 sources are needed. 1 for blogs and 1 for the wiki as you would be comparing the two. I attached a list of the reading below.

list of sources

Blog Sources Yahoo’s Next Problem_ Tumblr’s Traffic Isn’t Growing – Forbes.pdf
Brooklyn Blog Helps Lead to Drug Raid By MICHAEL WILSON The New York Times June 26, 2008, available at: Brooklyn Blog Helps Lead to Drug Raid.pdf
How Can We Measure the Influence of the Blogosphere? by Kathy E. Gill. Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem, May 2004. available from: www2004_blogosphere_gill.pdf
Wal-Mart Tastemakers Write a Blunt and Unfiltered Blog, NY Times, March 3, 2008, p. C1, at: Wal-Mart Tastemakers.pdf
“Stung by the Perfect Sting,” By Maureen Dowd, The NY Times, Aug 25, 2009.


Blogs and Wikis

Some of the most informative reading materials on the Internet are displayed in wikis and blogs. Though the end goal for both is to inform, blogs and wikis are different in certain respects. To begin with, the former are informal, regularly updated websites made up of opinion pieces displayed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent posts. Moreover, readers of the blogs cannot edit the blog post but can leave comments at the end of each opinion piece (Gill).


On the other hand, wikis are formal group-authored websites that are updated whenever there is a new development in the topic being featured. Wikis are content-oriented, show factual information rather than personal opinions and the information displayed begins with an introduction section. Moreover, unlike in the case of blogs, readers can edit the content published on wikis (Cohen).

In today’s world, one cannot afford to overlook the importance of network convergence particularly with respect to the use of wikis and blogs. They not only allow individuals and groups to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas but also enable people to readily obtain information in the comfort of their locations without having to go to a library. Besides, it serves as a tool for connecting people in the workplace.

Blogs function as a very important tool in marketing. Bloggers are able to work and collaborate with different teams in order to help them market their products. Seeing as blogs express a personal opinion, bloggers can work on sharing their experiences with the products they are marketing, thus, enabling the readers to make informed decisions when purchasing them.

I feel that the use of videos in wikis has not yet been optimized. Their developers should consider adding more video content to give the content a better look in addition to contributing to a better understanding of the subject matter. After all, people love visual content as much as they like reading written descriptions of products, events, and personalities.

Works Cited

Cohen, Noam. “Wikipedia to Limit Changes to Articles On People.” The New York Times, August 24, 2009. Web.

Gill, Kathy E. “How Can We Measure the Influence of the Blogosphere.” WWW 2004 Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis, and Dynamics. 2004. Web.

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