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  1. Conduct a face-to-face interview with a co-worker.
    2. Ask questions about background, work, and frame of reference.
    3. Refer to “Interview Exercise Guidelines” in “Readings and Lecture.’
    4. Basic factual answers are fine,
    5. Describe and interpret non-verbal behavior, particularly where it either enhances or contradicts verbal messages.
    6. Process Analysis


Interview Analysis

For effective management to occur, open modes of communication should be put in place. The objective should be to foster both the firm’s operations and the staff’s activities. Interviewing is an excellent process of obtaining information regarding various employees and their work environments in both and formal and informal contexts. It is useful for obtaining firsthand information that can be quantitatively used as a measure of other underlying strengths and weaknesses. In a recent interview with a coworker, I focused on the person’s individuality through a structured approach with the aim of gathering information on her personal and professional background. The interviewee was open and quick to answer questions relating to these two areas with a particular focus on her interests and abilities.


To begin with, she vividly described herself by explaining how she transitioned through various educational stages. She also described the challenges and advantages she experienced while attending a private catholic boarding school. The experience provided her with early exposure to foreign cultures. She also explained the high school’s emphasis on spirituality and how it influences her life. Immediately after high school and throughout her college, she cultivated a very passive spiritual connection owing to what she believes was her rebellion against overly directed spiritual guidance which she found extremely rigid. However, after graduating from college, she became very spiritual and even went back to her previous spiritual practices. Presently, she considers herself a well-balanced, independent, and averagely directed in her spiritual beliefs and religion.

Moreover, the interviewee explained her journey through college, the uncertainty that surrounded her choice of a major and her current career which happens to be completely unrelated to her major. She credited her career success to exposure to extracurricular and leadership activities she engaged in while in college. Even though she values education, she believes in the advantage that one gets for embracing diverse competencies and having more than one skill.

The interviewee has a background in finance but has built a career in public relations and communications. She has worked for stand-alone public relations companies as well as in public relations teams in companies within different fields. Additionally, she has done some public relations consulting on personal contracting for several start-ups. She greatly values the role of communication and public relations in corporations and businesses.

The interviewee exhibited good body language and non-verbal expression. Her proper body language was demonstrated by exquisite body posture and eye contact. In addition, she keenly observed me to decipher communication cues, leading to a well-organized interview session. Most importantly, her non-verbal language involved subtle and balanced use of hand and facial gestures. Her micro-gestures were elaborate and revealed genuineness in her responses.  In this way, her non-verbal communication seemed to verify her verbal communication and responses as accurate and truthful.  Finally, her facial expressions and tone encouraged a very open and engaging setting that prompted me to include other open-ended questions spontaneously as part of my role as the interviewer.

The interview strategy turned out to be very effective because the interview involved a face-to-face approach and the participant was a co-worker. The existing working relationship between us greatly aided in the success of the interview. This created trust and openness such that the interviewee was willing to give personal references and additional experiences on her own free will. The conversational approach also enabled me as the interviewer to analyze the prominent non-verbal communication patterns and match them with the responses to assess the accuracy of the information provided. Moreover, the interview was essential in promoting good horizontal communication in addition to providing areas of reflection on the other issues that an interviewer can target within the firm. Finally, the interview generally brought out an image of employee satisfaction on the part of this particular employee.

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