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| March 11, 2020

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3 October 2016.

The first day in college is undoubtedly one of the most important days of any student’s life (Pascarella 249). It marks the beginning of a new chapter towards the advancement of one’s education (Pascarella 250). It was marked by confusion, surprise, and high expectations. While I was looking forward to the day, I was troubled by difficulties in terms of maneuvering around the college, clearing with the administration, meeting new students and feeling lonely.My most significant and memorable experience was the lifestyle of continuing students. They seemed carefree, roamed around the college in shorts and sports kit, and this surprised me as I had expected everyone to be dressed in official clothes. Also, I noted that many students were engaging in both indoor and outdoor sports. This gave me a delightful moment because I love games. However, I felt lonely despite the movement of so many people in such a small space. No one seemed to notice or care about my presence. As I later realized, in college, everyone, minds his/her business, and this is always difficult to understand at first (Pascarella 251). However, with time, I felt better than the environment was giving me a sense of invisibility and anonymity. Besides, meeting my roommate was a good experience. We hit it off from the start and found that we could cope with each other.


In a nutshell, my first day in college had both low and high moments, which are deeply enshrined in my college experiences. While I felt lonely at first, meeting my roommate as well as knowing that I enjoyed some level of gave me a good feeling in the long run. The culture shock was also high as students seemed carefree which went against my initial assumptions about college life. I will forever cherish my first day in college.

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