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-500 Words or less
-General essay I could use for any other job position posting
-The topic needs to be: Why I WANT to be promoted to the position applied for or
Why I SHOULD be promoted to the position applied for
-Use some or parts of enclosed documents
-Don’t list specific job duties, more my qualifications, experience, work ethic type things


Why I Should Be Promoted to the Position Applied for

Devoting 16 years of my life to serving with the Indiana State Police as an Indiana State Trooper, a Senior Trooper and later a Master Trooper has taught me that the world is constantly changing. Consequently, I have learned that there is a need to quickly adapt to the changes that come along in my field of work. I chose this path in order to serve rather than being served, and I can confidently state that I have never regretted this decision. Being a trooper has given me unrestricted access to many citizens, most of whom I have helped in one way or another as part of my job. I believe that my qualifications, experience, and work ethic make me the most suitable person to be promoted to the vacant position.


As a highly skilled leader, excellent communicator, and rational decision-maker with extensive professional experience in policing operations and excellent technical proficiencies, I have continually been entrusted with positions of increasing responsibility throughout my career. I would attribute this career success to my extensive training, educational qualifications, and professional development in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. To enhance educational excellence, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix, Arizona, where graduation is tentatively scheduled for June 2018.

A few years into being an Indiana trooper, I became a Field Training Officer after which I joined the Methamphetamine Clandestine Team. I have also served as an Observer Controller, Military Police Investigator, CID Agent Apprentice, Instructor and Squad Leader Military Police Officer. These positions not only came with more responsibilities but more training and exposure as well. For instance, in 2004 I was deployed to Iraq, where I got the chance to implement the skills that I had learned through the years of service at that time. While there, I learned to survive and most importantly, to thrive in rather challenging environments in addition to adjusting to the country’s physical conditions. I have continued to apply these are abilities in all the challenging environments that I have worked since returning from Iraq.

I always like working as part of a larger team rather than as an individual because I believe in the power of teamwork.  A core element of my work ethic entails efforts to empower all the members of my team in order to achieve the stated goals effectively and efficiently. As a trooper, working in teams has made my work easier in my endeavor to serve Indiana citizens particularly in the area of criminal investigations. Moreover, in my quest to maintain my stature as a reliable employee, I always follow through on all my tasks and responsibilities. In all my years of service I have completed all the tasks given to me on time and in the best way possible, thus yielding great results.

Lastly, I have since been recognized through awards and commendations for my execution of various tasks and projects. Despite having a good number of years of experience, I believe that there is always a new thing to be learned with each new day. For these reasons and together with my openness to new challenges, experiences, and lessons, I believe I should be promoted to the position applied for.

I look forward to your favorable consideration.

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