A Memo to Your Professor Entitled “Career Fair Report”

In a memo report of at least 570 words, perform the following:

  1. Explain the size, look, and format of the career fair, and your immediate reaction to it.

I have provided two files for this, one include pictures of the event, so you can explain the size, look, and format. Also, it is like any other career fairs where there are booths for each agency and company, and presents you with a rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential employers, land on-campus interviews, and network with alumni. It was held in the Mountainair ballrooms. February 17 & 18 (2 days) from 10 am – 3:00 pm.

My reaction, I was astonished because that was my first time to attend such event (add more please).

Professional attire is REQUIRED! Students wearing jeans, t-shirts, hats and sweatsuits WILL NOT be permitted. Bring multiple copies of your resume

  1. Explain the career fair expectations and your response to them:

What is expected of you as a career fair attendee/potential employee?

Wear professional attire (I did not wear suit; however, a formal attire) because she saw me, and polite. Surely, the employers were wearing professional attires; the police booth men wore the police, and the firemen department booth as well wore their specific clothes.

What is expected of the potential employers?

Being helpful, polite, and clear. (These are just tips please add more).

Describe those employers that could be useful to you in seeking a job, or those that you hope will be useful to you.

Anyone in the dentistry field

If you do not seem to fit the format of this career fair, explain why.

This was my case, I did not find any helpful information about dentistry.

For me I have attended the career fair, and I did not find any agency or company that is helpful for me in Dentistry field. So, you could explain that please. Please make sure that you answer each question in B.

  1. Finally, discuss one of the following questions:

-Now that you have traversed the career fair, what did you find most telling about the current job market in general and how current issues of salary and workforce inequality are reflected?

-Now that you have traversed the career fair, what do you feel you need to prepare for if you attend another? What surprised you about this experience?

For (C) please choose one of these two questions and discuss it, feel free to choose which one is easier to talk about, so the discussion will be clear and make sense.

Finally, please make sure that this is a memo and should be in a memo format. Thank you

The grading criteria:

The necessary pieces were evident, including answers to those questions and required information– 2 points.

The text throughout was clear and direct– 2 points

It’s clear that the career fair was indeed attended and resources there were taken advantage of– 2 points

The memo produces useful research towards the document’s purpose– 2 points –

The memo follows a standard format– 2 points

The memo makes sense in its document design– 2 points

The tone of the memo is professional and polite– 2 points

Audience awareness is evident and unique — 2 points

Careful consideration has been given toward information usability– 2 points

Grammar and spelling errors are minimal– 2 points


Career Fair Report


TO: Professor’s name

FROM: Student’s name

DATE: 19TH July 2025

SUBJECT: Career Fair Report

The recently held career fair was aimed at providing career advice to continuing students and providing networking and mentoring opportunities. The joint collaboration between the school and many professionals in various fields was very successful for both students and employers.


Size, Look and Format of the Career Fair

The career fair was an opportunity to meet with potential employers, land on-campus interviews and network with professionals in various fields. It was held in the Mountain ballrooms on February 17th and 18th from 10am to 3pm. It being my first time to attend a career fair, I went into the event with eagerness and expectation. However, my first reaction was that of complete astonishment. The fair was characterized by well-placed booths for use by representatives from each of the companies present. Each booth had a few representatives who efficiently described their company, their services, the industry they covered, and other supporting industries. The booths were categorically placed on basis of the industry they fell into. Overall, the ambiance was inviting, and well-organized with a functional and properly-directed setting.

Career Fair Expectations

The fair required that students dressed in professional attire. It clearly stated that jeans, hats, sweat suits, and any form of casual wear would not be permitted. The second requirement was to bring copies of one’s resumes for presentation to potential employers for future interviews and possibly employment. Furthermore, this enabled students to evaluate the relevance of their resumes and identify future adjustments. The employers definitely looked their part and dressed in appropriate attire befitting their respective professions. For instance, the firemen department wore fire-fighting attire and gear.

The fair hosted both private and public shareholders. The industries that were majorly represented include consulting, insurance, investment, technology, healthcare, entertainment, transport, advertising, marketing, agriculture, and manufacturing (Freeman 38).

In my personal experience, most employers were very helpful and open minded to students. They treated them equally and provided answers as well as additional information. The employers in the finance, insurance, and investment sector worked through a productive relationship, and they all seemed to share common references and networks. This was particularly a helpful insight into various routes and strategies that can be applied for guaranteed entry into these business-related sectors. However, the dentistry sector, which I was interested in, was not represented. In addition, the available healthcare booths had very little information related to dentistry.

Preparation for Future Career Fairs

This career fair was an introduction into general expectations and events of a career fair. Most importantly, it broadened my knowledge on the different professions about which I had very vague information (Chaney 21). Secondly, I understood the interconnectedness and interdependence of various sectors. By the conclusion of the event, I realized the need to prepare consciously before a career fair. In the future, my preparation for a career fair will involve selecting questions and specific topics to ask the experts. Studying a bit of background information on agencies to be present before the actual fair is useful in categorizing companies in terms of employee policies. Resume preparation is also essential if the specific aim is to impress a particular company (Bennet 15). This experience surprised me on the thoroughness of employers who were in fact actually scouting for employees and interns during the event.


The career fair was helpful to many students, some of whom were able to land interviews for employment. Meanwhile, the following are the memo’s recommendations:

  1. Future career fairs can be improved by inviting a wide range of companies including players in the art and entertainment scenes. This is because the fair notably concentrated on mainstream careers and left out others which students were equally interested in.
  2. With the expansion in number of companies represented, the fair period should also be equivalently adjusted.
  3. Finally, more awareness should be created prior to the fair to attract more students and to allow for adequate preparations.

Works cited

Bennet, Scott. The Elements of Résumé Style: Essential Rules for Writing Résumés and Cover Letters that Work. New York: AMACOM, 2005. Print.

Chaney, Daneal and Singh, David. Hitting Stryde: A Generation Y Career Survival Guide. New York: Stryde Publishing, 2010. Print.

Freeman, Hunter. Mastering a Career Fair. Chicago: Kindle edition, 2015. Web.

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