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| January 13, 2019

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The goal of this assignment is to write about my dream job. My dream job is being in the military and I am currently in the military for my home country.

The goal of this assignment is for you to write about the requirements o this job. Go to the department of Labor website and research the salary for this position. Are there any other sources or sites to gather information about this specific job?
Describe the position. Conduct research on the requirements of the job. Identify two other sources for gathering information on the career path. (Friends or family)
What are the types of benefits that will be included in this position? What are the pros and cons of this job or position? Are you willing to relocate for this job?
What tasks will be expected of you? Be specific. Think about your daily activities. What do you envision? How will you be spending time on the job? What are the skills needed? What skills do you need to develop? Do you think you would make a good employee?
The paper must be in APA format
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