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Do not post everything in one post; 2 different posts. 

My goal is to create a long list of assets you bring to your profession due to your academic work, your professional experience, and your personal strengths. The list we develop in this forum will help all of you complete the written assignment posted for this week.

TO DO: Take another look at the HHS competencies by clicking on the HHS link for this week. You can review the basic competencies and/or the leadership competencies depending on what kind of job you would like in the future. ( I work with little children now, in the future, I want to be a therapist for children))

Jot down new competencies you see as most important to your career aspirations. Review each competency description.

Post 1: Put a competency in the subject box for post one. (Diversity)

In the text box tell us

a. how you developed that competency as an asset.

b. how that asset might put you at the top of the list for your desired professional position.

Post two: (Repeat directions for Post 1)

Put a second competency in the subject box for post two.
(Service Motivation)

In the text box tell us

a. how you developed that competency as an asset.

b. how that asset might put you at the top of the list for your desired professional position.


Assets for Dream Job Scenario A Child Therapist

Competency denotes the level of expertise expected in a specified domain of capability or line of work, usually expressed through professional standards that evidently outline the boundaries between core and specialty skills of a particular profession (Dewane, 34). The two new competencies that I see as most important to my career as a therapist for children are diversity and service motivation.



Working with children has enabled me to understand how to know their problems and differences in worldviews. Consequently, I am in a position to handle children from different backgrounds and cultures and to assist them to cope with whatever issues they may be dealing with at any given moment. This asset will ultimately see me rise to the top of my career because as a therapist who deals with children, it is imperative that I know how to accurately distinguish between the problems of individual children so as to provide the right kind of help and treatment. Furthermore, being diverse means that I am capable of communicating with any child who seeks attention regardless of his/her cultural background, race, gender, religion, or social status.

Service Motivation

Since joining college, it has been my passion to work with children. That is why I have committed my life to pursuing a career that entails serving them. To portray my commitment, I have taken it upon myself to engage in routine volunteer work three days a week at a local children rehabilitation center. It is here that I have grasped and perfected the skills of teamwork and motivation to work with others towards a common goal. The primary reason why I will achieve success as a therapist using this competency is that I display confidence every time I project my ideas to solve problems related to children’s welfare. Besides, my reliability has enabled me to earn respect and credibility from those I work with at the rehabilitation center. Moreover, taking up leadership roles and organizing children into groups so as enhance cooperation during problem-solving sessions goes a long way to show that I am highly motivated to serve others.

Works Cited

Dewane, Claudia. “The ABCs of ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.” Social Work Today 8.5 (2008): 34. Print.

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