My Philosophy Paper


Write two paragraphs, each should contain a minimum of 110 words.

1-name and explain each of the eight principles of the noble eightfold path. What is the ultimate purpose or intended outcome of these eight suggestions?

2-discuss the four Confucius virtues. Shu, ren, lei, xiao?


Principles of the Noble Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path of Buddhism comprises eight principles. The first one is the right view which merely entails seeing things through and understanding the transient and flawed nature of worldly objects in order to grasp the law of karma. Secondly, the right intention principle refers to the cognitive element of wisdom that brings out commitment to ethics and mental self-improvement. The good speech is an ethical behavior that criticizes lying and negative talk while advocating for moral discipline that leads to salvation. The good conduct principle chastises heinous actions such as killing and supports proper deeds that promote a sound state of mind. Then, the right livelihood principle advocates for the possession of wealth that is gained legally in addition to seeking to sustain life. The correct effort belief is a prerequisite of these other principles because nothing can be achieved without it. Right mindfulness, on the other hand, encourages an individual to be conscious of his/her actions at all times. The eighth principle is correct concentration, which refers to the development of a sound mental driving force that arises naturally to achieve one’s set goals and objectives.


            Ren is the central virtue of Confucianism that makes one human. It has been translated as human-heartedness and is intertwined with Confucian wisdom. Furthermore, Ren has two aspects which include loyalty and reciprocity. The latter entails not inflicting on others that which one would not want to be subjected to, while the former addresses the need for commitment in all actions. She has a strong positive correlation with the reciprocity aspect of Ren.  It means that all individuals should fulfill their obligations to society and family since they may be bequeathed to upcoming generations. Consequently, one should strive to handle others in the same manner that he/she would like to be treated.  Xiao is the attribute of all conduct. It is the core of all the relationships espoused in Confucianism, and it emphasizes the need to foster healthy interactions among peoples in order to foster the notion of responsible citizenship. Lastly, Lei is the practice affiliated with upholding good manners. It complements Ren in that it supports the generous nature of human beings. As such, it is a vital component for the promotion of the values of social tolerance and acceptance as outlined in Confucianism.

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