Neutral News Message Assignment

| April 21, 2016

Neutral News Message Assignment: Requesting an Adjustment

For this assignment, you will write a letter to request an adjustment.  You may use a life experience (Choice A) to craft the letter or you may use the provided scenario (Choice B).

Use block-style formatting for your letter.   Be sure to include your address, the address for the recipient and a date. You must also indicate that there is an enclosure after your signature block.   Also, make sure to review the rubric so you know how this assignment will be graded.


Choice A:  As a consumer, you have probably purchased something that didn’t meet your expectations or paid for a service that did not meet the advertised criteria.

One example includes purchasing an appliance, such as a blender, a microwave oven, or a refrigerator or a piece of electronic equipment, such as an iPhone or tablet, that malfunctioned within a week.   A second example includes faulty service.  Perhaps your family hired a lawn service to do yardwork and no one from the company showed up on the day promised.  When the gardeners did finally show up, they did not perform the agreed upon tasks or applied chemicals that damaged valuable plants.

Your task is to chose an incident from your own experience and write a claim letter, asking for a refund, repair, replacement or other adjustment. You will need to include enough factual information concerning the transaction for the reader to understand the problem and make a determination as to whether  your request is fair and reasonable.   You must also include at least one enclosure, such as photos of damaged goods or a copy of the receipt showing proof of purchase.


Choice B:  You work for SPM, Stone Property Management, in Bend, Oregon. Your company specializes in commercial real estate. Six months ago, SPM hired a painting company, Paints-R-Us, to paint 10 office buildings at SPM’s Jolly Way Location for a total cost of $20,834.32.  Today, one of your business tenants at the Jolly Way complex complained that the paint is peeling on the outside of the building.  You drive over to the property to verify the complaint and inspect the other newly painted buildings for signs of peeling paint.  Your are disheartened to see that the tenant was not exaggerating and all ten buildings show signs of peeling paint.  After taking pictures, you realize that you must contact the Manager at Paints-R-Us to request an adjustment.   You must decide whether to ask for a refund or whether you should request that Paints-R-Us repaint the complex free of charge.

Your task is to write a direct claim letter to Sarah Foster at Paints-R-Us, 6789 SW Zebban Drive in Portland, OR 97210.  To avoid any unnecessary delays, you should enclose/attach a copy of the invoice/proposal as well as a copy of the photos you took of the complex during your visit.

Your business address is 1960 NE Hazel Drive, Bend, OR 97703; phone (503) 335-5443; fax (503) 335-5001.  You may make up your own title if you wish

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