Part 1 Topic 3 Effective Communication

| February 12, 2019

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:
Effective communication and effective leadership are closely intertwined and used in many organizations. Leaders need to be skilled and trained communicators in countless relationships at the organizational level, in communities, groups and on a global scale at times (Huber, 2014). When conveying an idea to upper management, one would use a formal, written type of communication. This proposal will also include an executive summary as well. The executive summary should contain enough details to convey the essence of the idea in the upward communication, including sound finical projections if there are costs involved. When writing complex, detailed proposals, bullet point are often an effective tool to use to summarize major ideas and proposals. When communicating to upper management, one have found it pays to be honest and direct, be yourself and take criticism to learn from it. Don’t try to use big word to impress and let your values come through in the communication. Be clear, concise and direct with your main points!
Huber, D. (2014). Leadership and Nursing Care Management, (5th ed.). Pageburst. Retrieved from
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