The payday lending industry in Australia and impact on low income customers

| January 11, 2017

Dear Writer
the paper needs to be presented in sections, introduction, titles and conclusion. pls remove repetition so the total words might be reduced and that is fine maybe 8-9 thousands should cover everything. the bibliography appears next to sentences but if you think some is missing mark and I will insert. I sent some material in case you wish to understand the topic more but if everything goes ok with this paper there is going to be an immediate follow up order for complete writing of methodology so the material will become more relevant and more will be sent. pls email me for any questions

Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

Re-writing of existing document/ short time frame. writer will continue writing the rest of thesis. I estimated the final words for this editing project. If higher will add funds. Need to give further instructions to writer urgently.

Please inform the manager and writer of the following:
1. The topic fits not only sociology writers but also economics and politics
2. Upon finalisation of this editing / re-writing job, there is going to be my next project for methodology writing and then results, discussion etc. I will take the extra cost to work with the same writer so it is importand that you accurately choose the person now.
3. I will start sending respective documents now pls forward to the writer.
4. I will provide further instruction tomorrow directly to the writer.

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Category: Sociology Essay

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