Political Science Exam


The attached Wall Street Journal opinion piece should be reviewed and analyzed by students to determine the author’s main points and whether you agree or disagree and why.


Reviewing a Wall Street Journal Article

After nearly 90 years since Calvin Coolidge, the then president of the United States stepped foot in Cuba, President Barrack Obama made a trip to the Communist island with the aim of restoring the diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States before the end of his term. According to Daniel Henninger in his article Antiterrorism After Obama, President Obama felt the need to ‘burry the last the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas’. Henninger feels that by so doing, the president ceases to be a leader of the free world after he departs office.


Henninger believes that the Cold War that existed between the Soviet Communism and the West following World War II is what brought about world unity in a civilized way. According to him, the American Left is ambivalent about the implications of the end of the Cold War on world peace. Henninger cannot help but feel that President Obama’s foreign policy regarding the uncontained revolutionary ideologies is flawed. With President Obama’s foreign policy. In Henninger’s view the question that then remains is on who among the current presidential candidates, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and John Kasich, the American people are likely to accept as their next leader.

Henninger undoubtedly makes an interesting argument. I, however, believe that President Obama did what he felt was the right thing at that time by visiting Cuba. Whether he made the right decision or not will depend on the eventual outcome that is yet to be seen in terms of U.S.-Cuba relations. Until then, Americans should focus on electing a president that they believe will make a difference by ending terrorism and protecting America’s interests. The ideal president is one who will right the wrongs of the previous American president while at the same time protecting citizens’ rights.

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