Sample College Healthcare Essay


Health care organization for to be used is the Veteran Affairs Hospital. Consider the product or service for your marketing plan. What are some costs associated with effectively marketing this product or service? How might you propose these costs to the director of the organization?

Book used: Thomas, R. K, & Calhoun, M. (2007). Marketing matters: A guide for healthcare executives. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. ISBN: 978-1-56793-276-8


Marketing Plan: Life Insurance at the Veteran Affairs Hospital

The Veteran Affairs Hospital is a group of hospitals operating under the Veteran Health Administration. It provides comprehensive health services to military veterans. Founded in 1946, the federal-funded Veterans Health Administration has grown steadily, alongside the department of defense. The objective of this marketing plan is to create strategic inventiveness that will introduce life insurance to the list of services offered by the hospital.

The market demographics of the Veteran Affairs Hospital are quite diverse, and the market needs are also quite varied due to this demographic dispersion. The increasing population of the veteran population has led to increased complexity of needs and expenditures. As a result, the hospital needs to broaden its scope of service portfolio to meet the needs of the Veteran population better (Oliver 26).

The marketing strategy will be a two-way approach aimed at regaining the trust of the US veterans and getting them to learn of the new life insurance service. The hospital needs to get back the trust of the veterans as the preferred healthcare facility. The plan involve the development of a succinct message emphasizing that veterans will be receiving medical care on time, and can always access an affordable life insurance service through the hospital. The message will be conveyed to the veterans through social and mass media (Thomas and Calhoun 117).

Since the marketing plan will come at an extra cost, the marketing department will invest additional funds to launch a nationwide marketing campaign that will also involve the rebranding of the image of the Veteran Affairs Hospital’s health care system in addition to advertising the insurance service. The directors of the organization are convinced that the increased campaign funding is in line with the expected population growth. Besides, it is within the requirements of House Resolution 83, which provides that the expenditure on marketing by healthcare providers such as Veteran Affairs Hospital should not exceed $40 million (Oleszek 17).

Work Cited

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