Sentence Outline for Rise of the Western Way of War

| March 15, 2019

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You will write an outline of the question you plan to answer in your argumentative essay. Your outline will include an attention step, the thesis, major points of evidence, supporting points of evidence, and a conclusion. Your outline will provide clear detail about what you plan to write in your argumentative essay. Do not include a title page with your outline
Choose ONE of the following two (2) topics for your outline and essay.
1. Using examples from H100, are the theories of Carl Von Clausewitz or Henri Jomini still adequate for explaining warfare in the modern era? In your conclusion, suggest the significance to today’s military professional.
Note: Warfare in the modern era aligns with strategic guidance such as the National Security Strategy (NSS 2015) and National Military Strategy (NMS 2015). The US strategy documents describe the current security environment and the threats facing US national interests and US forces deployed around the world. Essentially, how would Clausewitz or Jomini address these threats?
2. Using evidence from H100, how have states, and later nations, exploited the advantages of military revolutions? In your conclusion, suggest the significance to today’s military professional.
Note: According to Knox and Murray, there are five military revolutions (MRs). As part of your response to question #2, you must address at least two MRs. Aside from states and later nations, you may also discuss violent extremist organizations (VEOs) such as terrorist or insurgent groups. A question to ponder as you write your essay is: Have terrorists been able to exploit the advantages of MRs?
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