Sample Sociology Essay

Homelessness and Domestic Violence


Introduction. 2

Risk and Resilience in Homeless Children. 2

Qualitative Research. 2

References. 4

Homelessness and Domestic Violence


Risk and Resilience in Homeless Children

The article selected for this task is “Academic risk and resilience in the context of homelessness”. The authors of the article state that family homelessness has increased during the last two decades, and that this situation is a threat to child development.It describes a translational program focused on academic risk and resilience in homeless and highly mobile children. Homeless children are at a greater danger of being disadvantaged as compared to those with homes due to their high mobility and the tendency to migrate from one place to another (Masten et al., 2014). However, homeless children show a greater level of resilience as compared to the rest since they already know how to survive stressful situations(Masten et al., 2014). Be homeless poses a significant challenge to the affected children’s general wellbeing, physically, emotionally, and psychologically.


Qualitative Research

Qualitative research, also known as primary explanatory research, generates non-numeric data. Researchers use it as a way of gaining an understanding regarding underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations (Tracy, 2010). Qualitative research is also used to determine why certain situations or scenarios are the way they appear or why things turn out in a certain way. It uncovers trends in opinions and interrogates deeper into a problem.

Qualitative research is important because it can be used to come up with a deeper understanding of a topic; this may not be possible with the use of quantitative analysis alone. Moreover, it is often used to conduct research that needs a definite conclusion rather than a mere analysis of a stream of numbers (Tracy, 2010). For instance, in the above research, only qualitative research can be used to get conclusive information regarding the resilience of homeless children. Lastly, this type of research is very instrumental in generating hypotheses for use in quantitative research.


Masten, A. S., Cutuli, J., Herbers, J., Hinz, E., Obradović, J. & Wenzen, A. (2014). Academic risk and resilience in the context of homelessness. Child Development Perspectives, 8(4), 201–206.

Tracy, S. J. (2010). Qualitative quality: Eight “Big-Tent” criteria for excellent qualitative research. Qualitative Inquiry, 16(10), 837-851.

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