WS200: Final Exam

| December 7, 2015

WS200: Final Exam
For the Final Exam you will apply the information that we have covered this semester by
exploring women’s concerns internationally. You will need to do some research for this.
1. Select a country other than the United States that you are interested in
2. Select three topics that we have covered in the course modules. For example,
you may select sexuality, reproductive rights, and women’s work.
3. Research the women’s movement in that country generally, and then as it
specifically relates to the issues you have chosen. (It may make most sense to
begin with some general research and let that guide the topics that you discuss.)
4. Write a 500+ word essay (about 2 and a half pages) in which you discuss
women’s concerns in the country of your choosing. I would like your discussion to
include some comparison or contrast (in the introduction or conclusion, for
example) with women’s lives in the US.
5. Use MLA format for citations (both in text and listed at the end).
Research Guidelines:
You may complete all of your research for the essay online. I’d like for you to have at
least three sources. As you know, Wikipedia is a useful but not completely reliable
resource for online research. I expect you to use scholarly sites – for example, articles
that you find through JSTOR in the library holdings or articles found through Google
Scholar – or pages that represent specific organizations or data sets online.
While the essay should be well edited and correctly follow the given format, my focus for
grading will be on the substance of what you have written. The essay should reflect your
understanding of the concepts and issues that we have addressed in the course as well
as your thoughtful application of these ideas to the concerns of women internationally.
1. Essay is well-organized and follows the basic principles of essay development
as expected in college-level writing.
2. Essay responds directly to the instructions and covers all requirements
explained in the instructions.
3. Essay goes beyond simply paraphrasing the research, and demonstrates your
ability to apply key concepts from the course to the subject matter at hand.
4. Essay is free of grammar, punctuation, and mechanical errors. 15
Possible Points 150

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Category: Women's and Gender Studies

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