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The memory of my practical subjects in elementary school is still fresh in my mind. I feel as if the sound of the tunes that my former teacher often relied on to illustrate important concepts in a music class during my early school years will forever remain etched firmly in my brain. In short, this is when I discovered my love for subjects that involve creativity, such as singing, piano, dancing, and drama. To this day, I still aspire to spend my life pursuing a career in performing arts, specifically singing, dancing, acting, and piano.

I continued to pursue this passion throughout my days in high school. The more I engaged in music and drama, the more I felt that this is what I loved doing and wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I finally completed high school and the search for an ideal university became the next task, I felt enthralled at what the future held as far as my passion in performing arts was concerned. I have been searching around with a view to evaluate the various courses that different universities offer. When I finally examined the academic prospectus of Capella University, I suddenly marveled at how lucky I was to have found the perfect higher learning institution to enroll in readiness for further studies.

I chose Capella University because it not only offers me an opportunity to study music, dance, piano, and drama but also gives me a unique chance to take some courses in international relations. Capella University is a truly liberal university where students gain intellectual exposure through a wide variety of academic programs. Apart from singing, dancing, drama, and piano classes, I am deeply interested in international relations. I consider it a rare opportunity to find a university where I can study this wonderful combination of courses, all of which are of utmost interest to me. For these reasons, I will highly appreciate your positive consideration for my application for admission at Capella University.

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