Can Our Zero-Plagiarism Policy Give You Peace of Mind?

What’s all the fuss about plagiarism?

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Plagiarism is a centuries-old debate; it is as old as the advent of university education itself.

However, during the last two decades, it has become a controversial topic the world over. University administrators are worried by rising cases of plagiarism due to the emergence of the Internet.


The issue has found its way into the news media, academic discourse and public policy debate.

In a 2011 survey to determine the opinions of students at Samford University regarding plagiarism, Professor Robert H. Schrimsher, Lori A. Northrup and Susan P. Alverson were shocked to learn that most students are erroneously treating internet information as public knowledge that does not require any referencing and citing.

This misconception is common among students in universities across the United States, and it leads to plagiarism-related offenses and subsequent penalties. Plagiarism-related investigations are a student’s worst nightmare.

An academic essay can never be accepted by your university unless it is original. Simply copy-pasting essays from the Internet and passing them off as your original work leads to plagiarism, a form of academic dishonesty that attracts severe penalties from learning institutions.

At, we are always abreast of changes in referencing and citation rules governing information obtained from the Internet. We never copy-paste information from online sources. Each idea obtained from an online source is carefully analyzed for quality, paraphrased and properly cited according to APA, MLA or any other applicable academic style, as required in your syllabus. This means that as long as you are using our service, you don’t need to be scared by those Turnitin reports. Every essay we deliver is 100% original.

Our writers understand that originality is the foundation of their day-to-day work. We would never put your educational investment at the needless plagiarism-related risk. The same may not be true of other essay writing companies.

Place your order today and receive a unique, custom-written, submission-ready paper.

Yes, Our Zero-Plagiarism Policy Will Certainly Give You the Much-Deserved Peace of Mind!


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