Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose

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The world is quickly moving towards a global economy. More goods and services are being exchanged across borders as part of the contemporary free trade movement (Dicken, 2007). These changes have brought about numerous opportunities arising from the need to adopt newer tools and methodologies especially in financial management. This makes the pursuit of a master’s program in finance an important endeavor. Financial experts continue to be much sought-after in the world of business because of their tremendous influence in shaping financial policy. Those who take the international perspective that comes with studies in finance have a competitive edge because they can be relied upon to make critical decisions on business operations in the context of a global economy.

I am passionate about the field of finance and have always been fascinated by the intricateness of financial interactions among countries within the global economy. This passion has greatly influenced my decision to apply for a master’s degree in finance major. Upon graduating with this degree, I plan to work at the Agricultural Bank of China within the International Finance Department. I feel that without advanced knowledge of financial issues, I may not be able to work competently and professionally in this position. I look forward to the excellent exposure to international finance-related issues that I will get throughout the duration of the master’s program. I am keen to take a critical view of the financial issues highlighted in my studies and placing them in the context of various events taking place in real-life global-economy situations as well as their implications for large financial institutions such as the Agricultural Bank of China.

I consider working in the International Finance Department at Agricultural Bank of China a challenging experience. The best thing about this situation is that I will be ready for this challenge once I graduate with a master’s degree in Finance. Through academic research, I will be able to acquire advanced knowledge and skills relating to financial management. This knowledge will enable me to contribute meaningfully to problem-solving in the world of finance. I would like to confront this challenge because it is the only way through which I will have jump-started my career in international finance.

I understand the important role that current developments and skills in finance play in enabling me to achieve my career goals. I also know that career progress depends on my ability to understand contemporary financial markets as well as applications and analysis in a context of in-depth hands-on-experience. It is difficult for me to acquire this knowledge without an advanced degree in finance. Against this backdrop, I feel that a master’s degree in finance will give me the conceptual exposure that I need to address day-to-day practical workplace issues. I also intend to use this knowledge in managerial decision-making. Similarly, the research skills that I will gain at the university will enable me to adopt an empirical approach to corporate financial decisions, strategies, and operations.

My confidence in the ability to pursue this degree program successfully arises from the fact that I have already come a long way in my academic life. My excellent quantitative skills enabled me to perform exemplarily well in my undergraduate studies. The undergraduate studies also enabled me to hone my communication and interpersonal skills. The next challenge in my academic life is to gain advanced skills in probing a specific research problem and applying quantitative analysis to gain an in-depth understanding of global finance. This explains why I have decided to pursue a master’s degree in finance major at this university. I strongly feel that the dynamic culture and learning environment offered at the university will enable me to prepare for my career in finance. For these reasons, I will appreciate your acceptance of my request for admission at the university.


Dicken, P. (2007). Global shift: Mapping the changing contours of the world economy. London: Sage Publications.

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