MBA Admission Essay

Statement of Purpose for MBA Application at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

Immanuel Kant once said that experience without theory is blind, while theory without experience is intellectual play (Oxman, Fretheim & Flottorp, 2005). There is a strong element of truth in this statement that I can relate with as I seek to apply for an MBA program at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. In my first bachelor degree, I majored in sales, marketing and hotel operations. This was an exciting and engaging experience that widened my perspective on international business particularly in the tourism industry. After getting theoretical exposure, I gained work experience, and here I am, seeking a new perspective through intellectual pursuit. In this statement of purpose, I provide justification for my pursuit of an MBA degree by providing details on the need for both theory and experience in the achievement of career success.

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Firstly, the international exposure that I acquired from my Switzerland-based education gave me a new perspective from which I could evaluate global way of life, culture, communication, social interactions and business. Similarly, my working years in India have enabled me to appreciate the dual role of education and experience alike in a business career. The skills I acquired in school have turned out to be highly relevant in my career. At the same time, the experience I got by remaining actively engaged in my career has enabled me to perfect my abilities in the areas of business analysis, financial models, brand management, communication and marketing. Moreover, the on-job-training that I acquired while working for GreatLand Society, PLD Tours and Logistics Private Limited, and Parkline Plaza have instilled great lessons and skills in me a way that inspires confidence and ambition.

Owing to the vast experience and knowledge I have acquired in the business and marketing sectors, I believe that attaining an MBA qualification from University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg will set the foundation for further personal development, international interaction and a window of opportunity to acquire more theoretical knowledge and tools that are relevant in my business management and marketing profession. Furthermore, as an open and interactive individual, I intend to share my learning experiences with my colleagues in order to contribute meaningfully to organizational development. It is imperative for all intellectuals to nurture a culture of sharing information and experiences in order to contribute to the diversity of culture and ideologies with the aim being to foster the development and strengthening of entire economies (Dunning, 1999).

In the one year that I worked for an NGO by the name GreatLand Society, I worked hard to promote its objective of promoting social welfare and uplifting people’s lives in rural India. While pursuing this objective, I discovered the emergence of a new form of business and leadership approach that I found peculiarly interesting. I realized that it is possible to plan, monitor, evaluate and analyze welfare programs in a business-like manner to achieve the intended social goals at the national level. This knowledge triggered my interest and curiosity to understand the theoretical underpinnings of business strategies that are implemented in social contexts. I am keen to examine various theoretical provisions for highly specialized perspectives that are designed to address this issue from a practical perspective. Similarly, I am excited to learn more about the actual vastness and infinite nature of theoretical knowledge and its application in the business world.

Most importantly, I hope to apply my MBA-acquired knowledge in the development of both non-profit and for profit organizations. It is my considered view that both play different but complementary roles in a country’s economy and by extension, in its eventual contribution to the global economy. Efficient business, management and marketing principles are fundamental requirement for the emergence of strong economies (Edwards, 2001). As a participant and contributor of economic empowerment, I am passionate about the business sector especially in the developing world which has posed new forms of operation and factors. I regard an MBA qualification from University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg as a major step in the right direction even as I seek to reconcile theoretical and practical aspects in order to develop innovative strategies and models that can enhance productivity growth and social outcomes in profit and non-profit contexts respectively.


Dunning, J. (1999). Governments, globalization and international business. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Edwards, L. (2001). The Global economy: Changing politics, family and society. St. Paul, MN: Paragon House.

Oxman, A., Fretheim, A. & Flottorp, S. (2005). The OFF theory of research utilization. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 58(2), 113-116.

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