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Global economy

This chapter addresses a number of issues relating to the provision of equal opportunity and promotion of safety at the workplace. According to the author, the regulation of HRM requires the participation of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches to succeed. A number of constitutional amendments have been made to ensure that states play their role in promoting equal protection against workplace discrimination (Humphries 24). Two foundational laws relating to equality in employment are the Civil Rights Act (1866 and 1871) and the Equal Pay Act (1963).


Using charts, the author has provided a strong portrayal of trends in various factors affecting workplace conditions, for example, age discrimination complaints between 1999 and 2013. The resulting impression is that these complaints have increased over time, and this is an indication that progress is being made towards the establishment of workplaces where age discrimination is abhorred (Konrad and Linnehan 791).

According to this chapter, the issue of affirmative action should also be addressed at the workplace. In this case, the objective is to ensure that particular groups that have traditionally been discriminated against are given greater access to workplace opportunities through specific structural changes and policy-related alterations. One of the targeted groups in regards to affirmative action is persons with disabilities. Thanks to the enactment of enabling legislation, maximum punitive damages are now allowed in efforts to protect disabled persons’ rights at the workplace.

Of specific importance, therefore, is the role of government in providing for an equal employment opportunity (EEO) for everyone in society. It performs this role in a variety of ways, one of them being the enforcement of executive orders that influence the way companies to do business with various federal agencies. Moreover, it is the government’s responsibility to audit contracts to ensure that they are being executed in accordance with the goals stipulated in affirmative action arrangements. 

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