Nursing Outline

Outline Description

Contemporary demands on nurses in aged care environments and strategies that can be implemented to provide the best outcomes for both care recipients and care providers




– Overview of demands on nurses

-Scope of the paper

List of contemporary demands on nurses in aged care environments

-Low rate of pay

-Perceptions that aged care nursing is less glamorous than other areas of nursing such as oncology, ED, and ICU

-Nurses to endure a lot of documentation before they get accreditation to work as aged care nurses.

-Complexity of care requirements for older people, hence the need for specialization just like in other fields of nursing.

-Lack of confidence and competence among some nurses.

Strategies that can be implemented to provide the best outcomes for both care recipients and care providers

-Strategies for best outcomes for care recipients

-Evidence-based care: it can work in fall prevention (Clayton, 2007, p. 37), focus on measurable outcomes. For example, use of hip protectors to reduce incidences of hip fractures (Clayton, 2007, p. 37)

-Introduction of an in-patient programs specifically for aged care

-Introduction of programs that address future care needs –thereby increasing satisfaction to both aged people and the nurses

-strategies for best outcomes for care providers

-Giving nurses opportunities to train additional caregivers who use the skills acquired to provide care to aged people

-Aged care nurses are made to understand that gerontology is a demanding specialty and that residential care is a rewarding career choice.

-Educating and supporting nurses with professional opportunities to boost their competencies and confidence. Example, postgraduate clinical science courses, recognition of work experience as well as previous study.

-study programs that take into consideration programs of busy nurses

-subsidies from relevant government agencies


-Summary of issues discussed in the paper

-Concluding remarks on the most salient points

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