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Discuss and explain the advantages and disadvantages of being self-employed VS being employed by a fitness facility


Advantages of being self-employed in a fitness facility

Being self-employed in a fitness facility comes with several advantages. One of them is that the self-employed person becomes his own boss. He chooses when to work, which area of specialization to focus on, and how to train his clients. Another advantage is that clients pay directly to the self-employed person. This means that the individual is responsible for his incomes and taxes. The self-employed individual is able to pay a fixed rental fee for the fitness facility. The rental fee remains the same regardless of the income for each month.

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It is also advantageous that the self-employed fitness professional is able to work in different fitness facilities (Lloyd, 2005). In this case, there is no need for the individual to look over his back waiting for approval from the owner of the fitness facility whenever a more lucrative job opportunity pops up in another fitness facility. The position of self-employment accords him the opportunity to weigh both options and prioritize on the assignment that will bring in more income. Finally, the self-employed professional is able to take charge of his own deals, offers, and promotions.

Disadvantages of being self-employed by a fitness facility

            However, being self-employed by a fitness facility also comes with several disadvantages. First, the individuals does not benefit from any assistance from other people working in the fitness facility. Secondly, one may have to compete against other in-house personal trainers and freelancers. This makes it extremely difficult to find regular clients. Thirdly, one never benefits from paid holidays. Moreover, one has to pay rent for the fitness facility even after going away for only one week. For this reason, holidays become extremely expensive. In such a situation, most self-employed personal trainers regard holidays as a luxury that they cannot afford (Lloyd, 2005).

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Moreover, when the business is performing poorly, paying rent for the fitness facility becomes a struggle. At the start of the business, many self-employed individuals find it difficult to rely on the business to raise enough money to pay rent. Given these challenges, the owner of the fitness facility has to be extremely self-motivated. He must also promote himself in numerous ways since no one else can perform these marketing activities.

Advantages of being employed in a fitness facility

Similarly, being employed in a fitness facility also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The greatest advantage of being employed is that the individual gets a starting salary. One starts earning right from the first day by working gym shifts. Moreover, the employer undertakes to pay for one’s insurance, meaning that very little start-up costs are involved. Additionally, the employed professional works as part of a team. He is able to get assistance and support from the manager of the fitness facility. This teamwork environment acts as an excellent source of motivation and career development. There is no need to worrying about things such as payment of tax, advertising, insurance, and rent (Lloyd, 2005). Instead, one gains crucial skills in addition to benefiting from paid holidays (Lloyd, 2005).

Disadvantages of being employed in a fitness facility

The main disadvantage of being employed is that one must work many hours and do numerous shifts for a basic wage. Moreover, one is always under the supervision of the manager, hence the need to do things in a certain way all the time. Furthermore, the salary tends to be much lower compared to the income of self-employed personal trainers. It is also disadvantageous that the employed professional is restricted to working at the same fitness facility all the time.



Lloyd, C. (2005). Training standards as a policy option? The regulation of the fitness industry. Industrial Relations Journal, 36(5), 367–385.

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