Professional Nursing Application Essay

Title: Professional Personal Statement for Master Admission

I am a graduate of Oxford University and have worked as a Nursing Specialist for one and a half years at King Khalid University Hospital. My decision to major in Masters in Public Health (MPH) was motivated by a number of factors, most of which can be traced to my childhood, upbringing, passion, personal circumstances, and career prospects. Like many students who venture into the medical field, I was at first unsure of which area of specialization to focus on. I was keen on so many clinical interests that it was difficult to decide which one was best of them all.

However, while working at King Khalid University Hospital, I started pondering over the possibility of specializing in public health. The practical experience that I had obtained at this hospital played a critical role in influencing my inclination towards further studies in public health. I came to appreciate the importance of public health not just as an attractive career path but also as a necessity for humankind.

During my time at the hospital, I came face-to-face with the horrors of high maternal deaths that occurred partly because of delays in accessing medical care. Many women were unable to receive immediate medical attention as soon as they presented initial symptoms of illness. However, for others, death was attributed to delays in the provision of emergency healthcare. In some cases, the cultural practices of the local people, particularly with regard to the work of traditional birth attendants, greatly contributed to rising maternal deaths. I felt that I needed to seek further educational opportunities to be able to assist such women even more. I started viewing an MPH as a stepping stone to a higher position of authority from where I would be able to exert greater influence over public health outcomes for a larger section of the country’s population.

In my discussions with my colleagues and superiors, one point that emerged was that medical professionals needed to expand their knowledge in different areas of specializations to enable them handle weightier professional responsibilities. It occurred to me that the introduction of new medical technology at the hospital would only bring about change if there were qualified medical professionals who could use them effectively to deal with a wide range of public health concerns.

Upon gaining deeper insights into the challenges affecting the Saudi healthcare system, I gained the desire to work beyond the confines of the hospital to reach out to the larger population. A Masters in Public Health is the only course that gives me such a unique opportunity. It will give me a chance to work at the community level and engage with people from all walks of life on ways of reducing avoidable deaths arising from different public health problems. I feel that by so doing, I will be playing my part in adopting a proactive approach to problem-solving. Indeed, Gebbie, Rosenstock and Hernandez observe that public health as a discipline enables medical professionals to adopt a proactive approach to problem solving (25). In contrast most conventional medical facilities address first and foremost cases that contribute to problem-solving through a reactive approach (Gebbie, Rosenstock and Hernandez 26).

As an advocate of preventive health, I strongly feel that public health professionals are not doing enough to promote measures that reduce reliance on curative health. Although the problem of reliance on curative health is mostly endemic in developing countries, it also seems to pose a serious challenge to many Arab countries including Saudi Arabia. Entire communities need to be empowered to be able to address the problem of health disparities (Wallerstein 73). A lot needs to be done both in governmental and non-governmental sectors to promote preventive healthcare for the benefit of all Saudis. Whether I end up joining a government institution or a non-governmental organization upon completing my MPH, my objective will be to work with the community with a view to establish strong linkages and to create a strong referral system that connects local communities with health facilities. I will also remain passionate about taking part in training of both health professionals and members of the community regarding the best public health practices throughout my career.

My academic research at Oxford University, community involvement, and work experience at King Khalid University Hospital have confirmed my passion and desire to pursue public health as a specialty. Through the MPH program, I am hopeful that the comprehensive understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of public health research will enable me engage more with local communities. More importantly, it will enable me help to bridge the gap between these communities and available medical facilities. I am confident that this will pave the way for a paradigm shift from curative to preventive healthcare.

Moreover, I am confident that this Masters program will give me a unique opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge necessary in the successful design, evaluation, and implementation of a wide range of disease-prevention programs targeted at entire communities. I appreciate that it is a privilege to be able to demonstrate my passion and commitment to excellence while at the same time gaining an opportunity to contribute towards efforts to transform the lives of millions of Saudis. For these reasons, I promise not to disappoint you and the entire fraternity in the field of public health upon being accepted into the MPH program by pursuing academic and professional excellence at all times.


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