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Introduction. 2

Which career aspirations, conditions or personal goals motivate you to pursue an Executive MBA at Drexel?  2

What are your most important professional accomplishments?. 3

What do you expect to achieve through this program?. 4


Which career aspirations, conditions or personal goals motivate you to pursue an Executive MBA at Drexel?

Many years ago when I set out into the world of academia, my first aspiration was to become a pilot for either a commercial airliner or a corporate jet pilot. After a short time, I realized that the idea of being a pilot was not as attractive as I had imagined. I realized that I was just being influenced by the opinion of many other people around me, who dream of partaking a piloting career without saying how different it is from driving a bus. This is why I reasoned that a bus driver enjoys his work more than a pilot since he has the advantage of seeing the scenery along the way. As for the pilot, all he sees is just blue skies, clouds and an endless space flying underneath him. I also started figuring out a pilot’s career as one whereby there is no interactions with others. In my opinion, this was a career whereby the ability to solve problems, collaborate with others, and bring about creative solutions was highly constrained. I was in search of a challenging and innovative career involving much more than just the bare aspects of getting from point A to point B.


After this self-realization, I quickly changed my major and redefined my personal goals and career aspirations towards the attainment of a business degree. Right now, thanks to this decision, I have reached a crucial point of self-awareness in my life since business, I have realized, is the only thing that I can do best. Right now, I understand the need to expand my knowledge on various business practices in areas of operations, finance, and critical decision making. Right now, I am focused to furthering my knowledge on Ensinger and contributing to Ensinger’s success in the global market. I’m looking forward to achieving an Executive MBA at Drexel in order to bring about proven business response mechanisms and skills in real-life scenarios. I believe that the structured learning process that is available at Drexel will equip me with the skills to do just that. This accomplishment will assist me in being an efficient executive manager who understands the inner complexities of a company in an expanding global market.

What are your most important professional accomplishments?

Ensinger has always been an engineering-driven company, making the best products and pushing ahead into new frontiers with development-based advanced polymers. This drive and focus have always served Ensinger well and has reserved us the position of the best extruder of engineered materials in the world. Ensinger continues to develop new products, pushing the sales volume to new heights every year. At the height of the company’s development stage in 2002, Ensinger was developing materials that are more technologically advanced compared to the situation in the previous years. These efforts on improving technology were even more successful than the sales force’s efforts to bring about creativity into the industrial market and gain any traction on our R&D dollars. These constant new product launches led to new sales-related challenges within all divisions of our company. The new logistical challenges spurred us all into deep thought. What if we segmented the markets that we were pursuing and made the market the focus? Alternatively, we entertained a situation whereby materials would be the main source of sales impetus and motivation.

The best idea, it turned out, would be to choose a handful of strategic markets with which we could cultivate a rational relationship. Then, we were going to find out the needs that were currently not being met by either polymers or other materials, and then introduce engineered material that is presently in demand. Several of my colleagues and I started brainstorming on what markets to pursue on this issue. We created a list of criteria as the first step and ended up choosing the medical orthopedic. This concept later grew into an issue of how Ensinger had become the main differentiator in the market as well as the company’s position as a market leader in the low-cost manufacture. Today, Ensinger has a team of market development managers in the USA and a corresponding team in Europe to support our OEM’s client base and field salespeople who are situated in different locations within our market territories.

What do you expect to achieve through this program?

As Ensinger continues to develop a strategy of being a differentiator in the polymer industry, many challenges on the development of expertise in both the marketing and development managers keep arising. The next evolution needs to occur within the backdrop of the integration of services in order to complement our products, mainly through product advancement strategies. The global market is poised to reduce time and cost, since companies are using the idea of “concept to market”, in order to reduce their vendor base while leveraging their increased volumes for value-added services. Through the integration of different categories of value-added services, Ensinger hopes to maintain a leadership position in the global market in the future. I foresee a scenario whereby Ensinger will be able to move beyond a niche market in order to diversify in many other areas of polymer engineering in order to maintain long-term growth and competitiveness. Adopting a global perspective in production and marketing management will be critical in the achievement of this goal.  I look forward to learning all about the decision matrix, particularly on the issue of whether to acquire other companies that have services to complement Ensinger’s products or to undertake the next venture organically.

I am also confident that I will learn a lot from the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Drexel’s EMBA program. My main interest is to learn all about the fundamentals and methodology of evaluating potential companies that are of strategic interest to Ensinger with regard to acquisitions and mergers of corporate governance structures.

The evaluation of the financial position of such companies is always a critical aspect in every acquisition process. In this respect, I expect to learn everything about the principles of financial evaluation and decision making processes. On the other hand, if the direction adopted entails pursuing the integration process organically, I will be keen to learn all about the best business practices for doing so. In the end, I expect to understand all the operational management and the technological systems that can transform the company’s mode of operation positively.

Most importantly, I expect the result to be similar, whether the acquisition or organic growth perspective is adopted. I am eager to learn about all the administrative decision processes that characterize a top-performing organization. This will furnish me with the necessary skills pertaining to quantitative decision making, strategic planning, competitive advantage, and effective marketing strategies. I expect that this knowledge will be of immense relevance in my efforts to contribute to a large customer base at Ensinger.

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