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What foreign content have you seen in American media, and what have you learned about other cultures from that content?


Title: Mass communication

Foreign content in American media takes many forms. The main ones include foreign movies, songs, television programs, and entertainment shows. The presence of this content is part of the ongoing processes of trade liberalization and globalization. Americans are increasingly gaining access to audiovisual content from foreign countries such as China, Korea, Brazil, Spain, and Italy. These cultural imports enable Americans to learn a lot about other cultures, customs, and traditions. Such exposure to the multicultural nature of the contemporary world is important because it enables Americans learn to appreciate foreigners despite the cultural differences that set them apart from mainstream American society.


Music, movies and television programs have led the way as far as foreign content is concerned. As more and more Americans continue to embrace foreign music icons, movie celebrities, and famous hosts of television programs, the impact on domestic customs and perceptions is becoming evident (Saleem, 2007). For instance, the mindset of cultural homogeneity is gradually giving way to a new way of thinking that embraces the value of other cultures (Saleem, 2007). At the same time, the content has enabled Americans to appreciate the fact that other cultures are as important as the American culture.

Nevertheless, the coverage of international news by the American media has had the most far-reaching impact on the Americans’ understanding of other cultures. In recent years, globalization and the rise of New Media has enabled many Americans to be exposed to foreign content in the form of news (Saleem, 2007). To make perfect sense of this content, Americans are being compelled to understand the cultural context of the foreign countries involved. For example, the coverage of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars by the American media has created new opportunities for Americans to learn new things about the cultural values of the Arab world. Based on this news content, it is evident that people from foreign countries are proud of their cultural identities just in the same way that Americans are proud of their customs and traditions.


Saleem, N. (2007). U.S. Media Framing of Foreign Countries Image: An Analytical Perspective. Canadian Journal of Media Studies, 2(1), 131-162.

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