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Summarize, comment and review the following article:

Challenges in Financing Long-Term Care


Challenges in Financing Long- Term Care

The aim of this paper is to summarize the article “Challenges in Financing Long-Term Care”. The article elaborates on the difficulty experienced in financing for medical care in the long- term period. It also analyses the report produced by the Bipartisan Policy Center which highlights the roles of health insurance bodies and concerns on sustainability of the methods of providing healthcare in the form of services and support in the long run. Acquiring consistent funds is, however, the main challenge being experienced during the delivery of long-term services and support.

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In addition to this, the article explains that there are being challenges experienced in terms of provision of adequate information on the costs of providing the long- term medical care. Due to differences in people’s incomes, it is difficult to distribute Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) adequately; thus, people are encouraged to purchase private long-term healthcare insurance. According to the article, this approach is much easier to regulate for the individuals who acquire it, and it ensures that an individual acquires adequate medical care. Nevertheless, the high costs of this insurance has made it inaccessible to middle- and low-income earners, meaning that they lack a method to finance long-term medical care.

Nevertheless, notes the author, there are incentives and recommendations that have been put across to enable the middle-income earners to manage long-term care insurance (LTCI). One of the recommendations made is that these costs should be catered for by the employer as their contribution to this insurance cover will make the healthcare plan cost much less for the employee The second recommendation is that states should regularize their LTSS services to the patients so that all individuals in USA can have equal access to long-term medical care. I fully support these recommendations because they will improve healthcare access to all Americans.


Advisor Magazine. (2016). Challenges in financing long- term care: Are current funding mechanisms sustainable? Web.

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