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Health Care

In the first paragraph, the point being made is that people are multidimensional. On this basis, the author argues that health should be viewed from a multidimensional perspective. According to the author, one-dimensional models have not so far been successful in explaining how different dimensions of health are related. A multidimensional model enables a researcher to address complex, highly interrelated issues relating to human health (Myers, Sweeney & Witmer, 2000). Against this backdrop, the author proposes a three-dimensional cube whose sides represent different dimensions. Such a cube resembles Rubik’s Cube, such that a change in one sub-element impacts directly on all the six faces of the cube.

The second paragraph reiterates that the dimensions are interrelated, such that any change in one of them affects all the others. It reiterates and elaborates the analogy of the cube as a model of holistic health. In this analogy, high-level wellness is said to have been achieved if all the sub-elements of a dimension are of the same color. On the other hand, total wellness is said to be achieved when all six faces or dimensions of the cube are properly positioned. A crucial point that this paragraph highlights is the dynamic nature of the human condition. All sub-elements are constantly undergoing some changes all the time. Moreover, change in one sub-element affects the movement of many other dimensions. The author emphasizes the importance of this concept by highlighting the tendency by people to spend too much time on the vocational dimension by working too many hours, thereby exposing themselves to excess stress while at the same time neglecting a balance nutritional diet. The core message being made here is that to achieve the highest level of health and wellbeing, people should always seek to maintain a balance not just in different health dimensions but also the sub-elements that make up each of these dimensions.



Myers, J. Sweeney, T. & Witmer, J. (2000). The Wheel of Wellness Counseling for Wellness: A Holistic Model for Treatment Planning. Journal of Counseling & Development, 78(3), 251–266.


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