Application Essay

Hobby: Falconry

The non-academic pursuit that best illustrates who I am is falconry. Falconry is a hobby, a pet-keeping activity, as well as a hunting sport in which a falconer uses a trained a raptor to engage in hunting activities. The bird becomes the hunter while the falconer becomes the observer/trainer. In this hobby, I obviously take the role of a falconer while my falcon acts as the raptor. I have managed to retain this hobby as a lifestyle, and this goes a long way to demonstrate my virtues as a dedicated and patient person.


To be involved in falconry, one must be dedicated and patient owing to the difficulties that go with this hobby. For example, unlike a hunting gun that can simply be stored in the closet after the hunting season is over, a raptor must be taken care of by the falconer every day, all year round. Thus, one must be dedicated to this responsibility while at the same time exercising a lot of passion for the hobby. To achieve these objective, falconry must be embedded into the individual’s lifestyle. This is precisely what I have succeeded to do. I consider falconry an integral part of my lifestyle. I always do my best to take care of my falconry birds even when I am not planning on going out on a hunting expedition. The opportunities that I get to learn about the need to be dedicated to and passionate about something always give me numerous reasons to continue being committed to falconry.

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