Assignment: Comparative essay of two opposing theoretical articles:

| January 24, 2017
  1. Use this week’s Shea and Whitla reading to help the process of comparing two theoretical works.
  2. One of the two essays must be the Somerville piece entitled “Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body.” The other must come from an outside source (This needs the approval of your tutorial leader).
  3. Students will be expected to choose theoretical articles from different schools of thought relating to sexuality, i.e. gender studies; children’s studies; queer studies, etc. The second essay must come from a scholarly journal, such as differences, Signs, GLQ, Children’s Studies, Transgender Issues, Journal of Lesbian Studies, etc. (these will be elaborated on this coming Monday, Jan. 12 with a guest lecture from librarian, Kalina Grewal, who has vast knowledge concerning what journals might match well with the assignment).
  4. Once the essays are chosen, students must compare the two, providing their main argument. Some may support or relate to the argument found in Somerville’s piece; some may be similar.
  5. Next, give a brief introduction to the outside source (it’s main argument).
  6. Take a position on the two essays – agree with them, disagree with them – it’s your decision.
  7. The last component of the assignment is a reflection. What did you learn from the work done to complete it? Did it add to your knowledge or personal thoughts? Did it produce any revelations or new understandings of sexualities?
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Category: Women's and Gender Studies

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