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“Whole Foods Boss Calls Himself and Pusher Leader”, Brat, February 9

1. What are the leadership challenges facing the co-CEOs at Whole Foods?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having two CEOs? Offer two ideas from the article.

3. Why does Mr. Robb describe himself as a pusher leader? What is a pusher leader?
“Delta Air’s Incoming CEO Pledges to Stay the Strategic Course”, Carey, Feb. 4
4. What is the new CEO’s vision for Delta?
5. What message did Mr. Bastian send to Delta employees about the leadership change?
6. Find any current business article and summarize in 8 sentences or more. Remember to do a proper citation.
*****Article summary needs to be at least 8 sentences long, each answer need to be at least 2-3 sentences long. There are four Question, each answer should be separate and number the answers and you need to cite your source, title, author and date for the article summary.*****


“Whole Foods Boss Calls Himself and Pusher Leader”

  1. The leadership challenges facing the co-CEO’s at whole Foods are those of maintaining consumer satisfaction. The company has been accused of mislabeling weights on some containers, overcharging, and undercharging consumers. The leadership’s main challenge is dealing with the negative publicity, moving past this problem, and finding strategies to beat their competition.
  2. Having two CEO’s has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include diversity of perspectives and sharing of experiences by two qualified and experienced professionals. Mr. Robb explains that his experience with customers combined with John’s critical thinking has been very advantageous for the company. Secondly, the company can rely on one CEO in the absence of the other one, thus the administrative functions are always covered. A major disadvantage of having two CEOs is constant disagreements which slow down decision making and other functions. Robb explains that in one meeting, the disagreements were so intense that he left in tears.
  3. Robb describes himself as a pusher leader who pushes and drives people to achieve great results. He believes in people and their unique abilities (Brant). For this reason, he endeavors to motivate and care for them particularly in terms of working conditions and emotional wellbeing.

“Delta Air’s Incoming CEO Pledges to Stay the Strategic Course”

  1. The new CEO of Delta Air, Ed Bastian, has a vision to build on the work of Richard Anderson who has assembled a top team that has enabled the company attain the highest market capitalization. He hopes to maintain the aggressive and competitive nature of Delta Air.
  2. The message sent to Delta employees was that procedures would remain the same and the employees should continue living by the company’s values
  3. The article being summarized is about Tesco’s decision to eliminate curved croissants. This follows preference expressed by many customers for straight croissants which are easier to spread. Customers complained that with the curved croissant, it was difficult to spread jam. Others bakeries have described the move as a cost-effectiveness strategy.  After all, it is much easier and economical to produce straight croissants than curved ones. However, the article also examines the issue from a different perspective, whereby Tesco’s move to reshape croissants and save costs is likened to a growing laziness problem in Britain (Bayly). Moreover, the article explains that some customers were skeptical of the motive for the move, arguing that it was a manufacturing decision.

Works cited

Bayly, Layla. “British Supermarket Removes Curved Croissants over Jam ‘Spreadability’ Issue.” Time, February 19, 2016. Web.

Brant, Ilan. “Whole Foods Boss Calls Himself a Pusher Leader”. The Wall Street Journal. February, 9, 2016. Web.

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