College HRM Essay


What is best practice Human Resources?
you only need to focus on the following point:
• HR needs to drive culture in various ways that in turn enables the business strategy to be achieved.
Culture / good culture
Understand of the culture
Process – support

you need to use Woolworth as the target organization, and here are some of the website link you can use:


What is Best Practice Human Resources?

In the recent past, the notion of best practice human resources has emerged describing the strategic plans together with the functional activities of businesses and organizations. These two aspects, when properly implemented, can lead to increased profits and improvement in employee satisfaction. Best practice human resources may be said to differ from one company to the next depending on the business strategy being implemented (Marchington and Grugulis 1108). Human resource management goes beyond hiring and managing employees, best practice aspects relating to training and development, recruitment and retention, health and safety, performance management, and organizational culture should be pursued as well. In this essay, the focus is on organizational culture as an enabler of best practice human resources. In every organization, the human resource department should develop strategies driving organizational culture which in turn enables the achievement of business strategy.


Organizational culture refers to a system of shared values and beliefs that control how people behave, act and perform their jobs within an organization. The culture of an organization is what determines an employer’s ability to engage, retain and steer other dedicated employees towards the achievement of the stated objectives. While it is true that different people have different views in terms of understanding culture and how culture can actually lead to the achievement of a business strategy, it is important to note that a positive culture leads to better talent retention, higher productivity and performance and greater facilitation of change initiatives. Therefore, implanting a positive organizational culture is and should be considered vital for all organizations.

Developing an adaptability culture promotes continued growth within contemporary organizations. When addressing the issue of adaptability, risk-taking is a crucial consideration.  The ability of employees and employers to take a risk in their day-to-day activities is a key requirement in the world of best practice human resource management. Such a culture is important to any organization as it embraces change while creating an environment in which open communication can take place. At Woolworths, for example, one of the strategies being adopted entails putting in place HR-powered enablers in readiness for a new era of growth (Woolworths Limited). The company is seeking to adapt its organizational culture to its forward-looking business strategy.

Accordingly, a mission culture helps in establishing an organization’s unity of purpose and creating a unique organizational identity among employees. For instance, as a company, Woolworths aims at maintaining its track record of building a foundation for growth in new businesses (Woolworths Limited). In order for Woolworths to succeed in this business strategy, it is implementing a mission culture that enables employees and employers to maintain focus on coming up with new and more efficient ways in which they can achieve the stipulated goals. Maintaining a strong track record in performance has become a mission that the company’s employees are pursuing.

It is an undisputed fact that there are many ways in which business strategies can be achieved. However, organizational culture should be recognized as a best practice human resource because of the way it facilitates the achievement of a company’s business strategy. Adaptability and mission cultures provide excellent examples of ways in which organizational culture can be implemented in a contemporary business organization. In other words, best practice human resources should entail nurturing a corporate culture that benefits employers and employees alike through increased profitability and job satisfaction respectively.

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