Compare-and-Contrast Essay


Does this paper compare and contrast items clearly, point to specific examples to illustrate the comparison, and include only the information relevant to the comparison?


Article Review

The paper in question focuses on the two critical concepts: management and leadership. The words are often used interchangeably and the author distinguishes between them in reference to business. It manifestly contrasts management and leadership by backing them with solid explanations and illustrations that give the reader a vivid mental picture of the comparison from the point of view of a business organization. The author defines management as a process of dealing with people, organizing tasks, and coordination of efforts geared towards a common goal. On the other hand, leadership is defined as the aspect of having a person setting the pace for others to follow. The two distinct definitions coupled with some detailed illustration give the reader a clear impression of the differences between the two terms. However, some similarities have been identified as well, and one of them is that both leadership and management involve working with people to achieve the desired organizational outcomes.


The author does point to specific examples in addition to doing a great job in terms of including only the information that is relevant to the comparison. For instance, to illustrate the similarity between leadership and management, the author points out that both leader and manager need to plan ahead to succeed. Moreover, in both roles, the main concern is about goals and accomplishments. The author’s observation that leaders and managers do share the organization’s vision of reaching greater heights is a relevant illustration that helps in supporting the argument being made.  Nevertheless, there may be a need for the use of more realistic examples that fit perfectly well into various real-life contexts. The use of quotes by renowned business leaders can go a long way in helping the author achieve greater success in terms of comparing and contrasting leadership and management.

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