Conflicts. Mediation.

| January 24, 2017

General Instructions

  • This assignment requires
  • You will need the book The Mediation Process:
    • Please read up to Chapter 1-2
    • You might be able to pick up ideas and many other things to say when answering one of the questions below
  • Even if you choose to answer question 1, you will have to refer to contents from the book. So please do read the book. I will try to attach a pdf version of those chapters to you but it might not be enough since there’s page limits for exporting contents from the ebook.
  • The homework should be two to three (2-3) pages, double-spaced, 12-point Arial font, standard margins, and stapled. You must use APA citations/references; please refer to the citations/references formatting information provided by Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL):  Students will be evaluated on content; clarity, cohesion, and concision; and mechanics (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

Please choose one of the questions below and submit your response:

  1. Why do you think people become mediators?  That is, what do you think attracts people to this profession and what kind of personality characteristics do you think mediators need?  Have you ever thought about becoming a mediator?  If so, why do you think you would be suited to this profession?
  2. Have you ever participated in a mediation?  If so, what was the nature of the conflict (answers will be kept confidential) and what was your role (mediator, participant, observer)?  If you were not the mediator, what is your critique (positive and negative) of the mediator, based on what you have learned in The Mediation Process?
  3. Review the “schools” of mediation in The Mediation Process.  In which school would you like to practice and why?
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