criminal justice homework 2 questions.

| January 27, 2017

Which of the leadership styles—directive, supportive, achievement-oriented, or participative—is most challenging for you to enact? Which is the most difficult for you to follow? Do your answers regarding leadership change in a time of crisis or in a criminal justice setting? Why?


400 words.

There is often some level of confusion regarding the definitions of burglary, robbery, and trespass. For example, a person who returns home from a trip to find that their home was broken into and items were stolen may call the police and report that they were “robbed.” From a legal standpoint, this scenario constitutes a burglary. Another misconception is that the crime of burglary involves only theft, but this is not the case. A person who enters a dwelling and physically and/or sexually assaults someone has also committed a burglary. Provide and describe an example (real or imagined) of: 1) a burglary, 2) a robbery, and 3) a trespass.

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Category: Criminal Justice

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