Doctoral Journey Explained

Settling on the roadmap to Doctoral degree

The journey to attaining a doctoral degree is not a smooth ride. However, it is exciting and the reward is worth it. At, we provide you with guidelines on how to achieve the best results from the time you enroll for the program to graduation.

The journey is not easy as it is full of anxiety, but on achieving the goal, one becomes satisfies and finds rest.


Like any other challenge, realizing your dream of attaining a doctoral degree is easy. Just start with a single step.

Key considerations when pursuing a Ph.D. thesis include but not limited to what to do after completion, use of the degree, the field to major in with regards to your profession.

Before embarking on the program, seek help from someone who has expertise in the program of your choice. This could be a university professor, a dean of students, a faculty coordinator or professionals in your targeted career.

During the initial stages of the entire process, we offer you with useful information. This is in regard to your choice of school, program and when to start the program. Before starting, it’s important to understand that there are two types of Doctoral degrees, that is Professional doctorates and PhDs. Your choice will be determined by several factors such as where to use the degree, professional field standards and the kind of research that you are most interested in.

Over the years, many people have been made to believe that by acquiring a Ph.D. one automatically becomes a teacher while those with professional doctorate go to professional careers. However, this is not always the case. Since most colleges have professional doctorates while most corporate entities and nongovernmental organizations are lead and managed by Ph.D. holders. This outlines why it’s very critical to make the right choice before the start of the program.

There is a clear distinction between someone pursuing a Ph.D. and another one pursuing a professional doctorate degree. While a Ph.D. student works towards original research, that is: creating, increasing and have an input to knowledge, research, and theory in their area of study, a professional doctorate degree student applies existing knowledge to address the problems in their study field.

The final stages of the programs also differ in that for Ph.D. students they give a summary of their research findings in a dissertation as the only way to finalize their work while for professional doctoral students they can submit their final research findings in various forms including articles, projects, and dissertations. In both cases, the students must appear before their faculty committee to defend their work to warrant graduation.

Doctoral coursework

Taking doctoral program courses is a very unique and fascinating experience and having expectations gives you an added advantage

At, we have a great team of professional career advisers to help you make this great decision of a lifetime. Once you have made the right choice on whether Ph.D. or professional doctorate degree you will realize everything takes a different direction. You will have to do much more than what you did in your master’s program. This ranges from your thinking as you need to think more critically, spend more time in your study room or library, and develop new skills to help you conduct quality research.

Key fundamentals during your coursework phase

Doctoral degree coursework and completion period depend on the institution offering the program and personal academic discipline.  It’s very important to have a clear understanding of the program duration and time it will take you to be in class. This is important because of other commitments such as work and family.


Normally, most students in pursuit of their doctoral degree prefer completing classwork and later focusing on projects or research. This approach is good but here at, we advise our students to start as early as day one of their course work to collect any necessary material that can be useful during their research/project period. By doing so, the students are well prepared and already got a firm foundation to build their research/project.

Need help when it comes to handling your coursework?

At, the reason we are here is to help you by offering our undoubted support. We understand that your success means a lot to you, your family and society at large. We will, therefore, link you with academic advisers who offer advisory support. They will talk to you in person, motivate you and give solutions to any challenge that may arise. We don’t live you at this point; we will also connect you to faculty heads, professors and people who have gone before you to mentor you in every stage.

At, we provide doctoral degree students with online tutorials on how best to manage their time well, improve their writing skills, MLA and APA style mastering, how to prepare a place for their studies and how to address technical issues. These services are 24/7 through our customer care department. Understand the complexity of doctoral coursework and the challenges that accompany it. With our services pursuing a doctoral degree is made easy and interesting.

We are here to offer the needed support for your research, critical thinking and writing this is because we understand that doctoral program, unlike another degree program, requires that the students increase limits in their knowledge, understanding of every area of their studies as they strive for excellence.


For many students who have the desire of pursuing their doctoral degree doubt their research conducting the ability and writing of the dissertation. Worry no more, we will hold your hand build your confidence and walk you through the journey. It’s also very important to note that a doctoral program whether a Ph.D. or a professional doctorate entails three major areas of focus. These are conducting research, critically thinking on the research questions and writing the findings. The three areas are equally important as they are interdependent. This, therefore, calls for a total commitment since it’s during the research you come up with the questionnaire which should be critically thought of and represent the answers in writing. Mistakes done during the research will affect everything else. Don’t panic, talk to us and we will link you to the right support system

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