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| July 24, 2019


Imagine you are asked to present employment tips to students interested in your career.

In a handout designed for peers in your background, explain the process of seeking out employment specific to the career that you are interested in. Keep in mind document design– a handout is usually read quickly, but presents very useful info.

In this handout, in 250 words, improve upon the vague process of seeking out a job, but include the necessary specifics for your job.

Provide the following information:

–What are three ways one can seek out a job in this field?

–Who should one approach for a letter of recommendation or reference?

–What sections should a resume value for someone in this field?

–What questions should you predict when being interviewed for such a job?

How to research this: You are required to present strong information here. Consider seeking out online information OR interviewing someone you know who is familiar with this job. This means you want to cite this information in-text and in a works cited page.

The grading criteria:

The necessary pieces were evident, including answers to those questions and required information– 2 points. -Points earned:

The text throughout was clear and direct– 2 points

The handout produces useful research towards the document’s purpose– 2 points

The handout follows a standard format– 2 points

The handout makes sense in its document design– 2 points

The tone of the document is professional and polite– 2 points

Audience awareness is evident and unique — 2 points

Careful consideration has been given toward information usability– 2 points

Grammar and spelling errors are minimal– 2 points



The Process of Seeking out employment Specific to Dentistry

The aim of this paper is to discuss the process of acquiring employment in the field of Dentistry.  An individual who wants to acquire employment in this field should not only have good recommendation letters but also show his or her level of experience. Experience plays a major role in dentistry as well as other medical fields as one can develop on the skills learned upon employment (Staff, 1).

When seeking a job in this field, one should first identify whether they intend to work as a general practice dentist or as a specialized dentist. This will ensure that an individual lands in the right employment field. In addition to this, one should identify the salary they intend to earn through getting information on salary figures from employees and the institutions. Finally, an individual should also identify the state regulations on licensed dentists so that they can identify the best states in which to start their practice (Dhima et al. 565).

A letter of recommendation plays a great role in enabling a dentist to acquire employment. The recommender should be an individual who has experience in the field, typically a licensed dentist who supervises classes in the clinical setting. Such a dentist has both experience on the field and has worked with students. Therefore, he or she can portray an individual in the best way possible and also recommend on areas which one can improve on.

The activities section is the most important part of a resume. It shows the skills and experiences of the dentist, and can be used to provide an indication on whether one will perform well upon employment (Hansen, 1).

Interviews vary depending on the recruitment practices of the employing institution. In many occasions, the interviewee is asked why he or she wants to work in that organization or in what way he or she will impact on service delivery in the institution. However, flexibility is vital since the interviewee may also be put in a practical, real-world work situation to test his or her communication and human skills.


Works Cited

Dhima, M., Petropoulos, V., Han, R., Kinnunen, T and Wright, R. “Dental Students’ Perceptions of Dental Specialties and Factors Influencing Specialty and Career Choices.” Journal of Dental Education, 76.5 (2012): 562-573.

Hansen, Randall. Ten Ways for Job Seekers to Develop Job Leads. 2015. Web.

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