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Write about an event called “WVU UP ALL NIGHT” in West Virginia University. I would like the essay to be simple and easy because I am an International student so I want it to look like I wrote it so please if you could use easy vocabulary.
• Conduct primary research in the form of an interview.
• Conduct secondary research in order to understand your subject’s context.
• Integrate other voices into your writing through summary, paraphrase, and quotation

Include visual descriptions of people and places in the profile. Try describing all five senses and really let your audience see what you see!


WVUp All Night

The aim of this paper is to discuss the WVUp All Night program which was initiated in West Virginia University in 1998. The program was initiated to provide students with free, fun and safe alternative to partying and has been influenced reduction in alcohol consumption in the United States. This is mainly because many other universities have adopted the idea, therefore many of the students attend this program instead of going for parties. The program is therefore a pride of the West Virginia University and should be introduced in all U.S. universities.

The WVUp All Night program occurs during weekends whereby the students watch free movies, get free food and play games at a reduced cost. Free food is one of the sources of motivation for students to attend the WVUp All Night program. In addition to this, the event hosts a comedy club during the weekend and offers volunteering and tutoring opportunities. The students connect easily through this program as they queue for food and snacks. For instance, my friends and I are greatly influenced by provision of snacks popcorn to attend the event. They also offer free movies at the Gluck Theater. The movies are frequently those that the students have recommended so the crowd is ever engaged. The success of this program has been contributed to by direct involvement of the students in decision making. The students suggest movies that they want to watch and they are delivered to them. Moreover, the organizers allow students to carry the free snacks such as popcorn and soda into the theater. This further encourages many students to attend the WVUp All Night sessions.

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Furthermore, the program is well established; it has been running for the last 18 years! In every April, program management plans for the events that will occur in the fall semester of the following year. In addition to this, movies are selected two weeks before the event. Therefore, the students can make plans adequately due to the availability of information and the consistency of information access. Technology has also been used to ensure that the students are well informed about the programs plan during a particular weekend. The students can log into the WVU website to see the food that will be given during a particular weekend as well as the movie that will be offered at the Gluck Theater. The information provided is reliable due to prior and adequate planning that is made when planning the events of a particular weekend.

At the same time, the program provides a variety of games for students. The games are offered at a subsidized fees for every individual who produces a student ID. The program therefore encourages the students to be fully engaged sport-wise. Moreover, due to the variety of games, the students have many options to choose from. In this case, the options range from pool and billiards. Up to date video games are also an integral part of the WVUp All Night program. The management team also offers bowling at a subsidized price for the students. The money that is earned is used to improve the facilities provided for instance in maintenance of gaming equipment. Therefore, the students play a great role in ensuring that the activities of the program are maintained.

Additionally, organizations have benefited a lot from this program. They get an opportunity to relay information to attentive students in a fun way. The random activities that occur in the cafeteria go a long way in ensuring that information is relayed on time and interactions promoted. For example, there are random events where students can win t-shirts by doing 40 push- ups. The organizations that are interested in relaying information to the audience normally offer t-shirts that are branded for a specific educative event. This way, they attract students’ attention in a fascinating way. The program managers should research on additional methods they can use to relay information during these events as a way of maintaining the attractiveness of all WVUp All Night events.

On the same note, the program is safe as the WVU policemen as well as regular policemen regularly patrol all program venues. The presence of police officers ensures that the students carry out their activities in an orderly manner. Moreover, the police officers ensure that the students are safe from external attacks. This is done by ensuring that those who attend the event are students of WSU, meaning ID checks are regularly conducted. The action contributes to the safety associated with WVUp All Night events. Some of the students I interviewed said that the main reason they comfortably attend the events is the assurance that they will be safe. It is indeed much easier for an individual to gain composure in an event if they are assured of their safety. Therefore, safety also contributes to the success of the WVUp All Night events.

As WVUp All Night events gain momentum, lighting changes at 9 p.m. from the normal lighting to neon lighting. The color change makes the experience more pleasant for the students as they get a feeling of being in a party. Patricia, one of the students said of this transition: “the colors make the whole bowling more fun and makes me feel more comfortable.” Students enjoy the change in lighting as the colors are associated with parties and lively events. Therefore, these effects should be maintained as they make up for a pleasant experience for the students. This along with assured security makes an individual gain composure, relax, and have an amazing time. Owing to the consistency of service, many students opt to attend the event instead of going to partying spree elsewhere.

Lastly, it is only prudent to recommend the adoption of the WVUp All Night program by more universities as it enables students to have fun and to enjoy a brilliant college experience in a responsible manner. Moreover, the use of university space and security ensures that the students are monitored so cases of being drugged and kidnapping can be avoided. The West Virginia University is proud of initiating a practice that provides joy and fulfilment to its students. The adoption of technology can also contribute to greater success of the program through introducing use of hidden cameras. Such an action will lead to improved security as the security team will be able to monitor the behavior of the students and ensure that all is going well within the event. In addition to this, the students should be encouraged to make suggestions on areas that they would like to see improved. This will ensure that they enjoy their time in the event, and the university will have achieved its goal of providing a free, safe, and pleasant alternative to partying.

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