Environmental science


Hi, this is an essay about sustainability/ environment science class. Please read the instruction firstly. It requires you to use the content in four chapters to “explain how you can personally make lifestyle changes that will have an impact on sustainability.” I attached the four screenshots to show four chapters. In addition, it asks you to cite material from the course content (the four pictures I attached) For text references, you must provide author and page number(s), as an example: (Karr, et al, p.57). I put the page number on the name of the picture. I also attach the book title page for you to use correct book reference.


How to Improve the World’s Sustainability

The world together is threatened by the numerous unsustainable actions being undertaken by humans. In this light, I have decided to adopt four essential practices to improve the sustainability of the environment around my vicinity. Firstly, reducing the number of chemical fertilizers I used in my garden is imperative to avoid them from being leached into water sources leading to pollution and eutrophication (Karr et al., p.295). Secondly, I have decided to reduce the amount of trash by half by reusing some items such as reusable grocery bags and travel mugs (Karr et al., p.135). Consequently, I have become more conscious of the things I purchase. I intend to always buy items that are eco-friendly and packaged in recyclable containers so that I put them into the recycling bin immediately I use them the first time (Sustainability: Think Green Every Day, 3:45).  Thirdly, to minimize air pollution, I have limited myself to using my car for at most thrice a week when going to and from work (Karr et al., p.377). When visiting my friend or family, for instance, I opt to either walk or even take a bus. Finally, I normally donate some part of the produce I harvest from my garden to the local food bank.


            Adopting these changes does will have far-reaching consequences for my life. To begin with, I have to contend with the train and bus schedules whenever I visit my friends. This task can be quite an inconvenience especially when I have to rearrange my entire schedule to align it with that of the trains if at all I am to arrive at my destination in time. Furthermore, not all items come in recyclable materials, hence shopping at times becomes hectic and frustrating especially when almost 80% of what I need is packaged in disposable materials. Currently, there are no plans for forming a larger movement to support sustainability campaigns because few organizations have adopted the principles of sustainable development (Bansal, p.125). This predicament arises primarily because the issue is a societal one that requires the integration of sustainable development measures into the norms and mindsets of all American citizens (Bansal, p.125; Agyeman, p.45).


Agyeman, J. (2005). Sustainable Communities and the challenge of environmental justice. New York: NYU Press. Print.

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