Gene Control (Biology)

| January 16, 2020

Gene Control

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Therapeutic gene expression is important although sometimes it comes with some disadvantages. Sometimes it paves way for effective, lasting and gene therapy treatments while at other times, it causes harm on people who suffer from certain conditions.

At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, geneticists proved, for the first time, that therapeutic expression can be sustained for up to one year, even when there are anti-viral immune response mechanisms that are normally present in humans. The researchers were carrying out a demonstration using an animal model whereby, the delivery system for a gene is invisible to the immune system. Therapeutic expression caused viral proteins to be detected within the immune system, thus triggering an immune response that ultimately rendered therapeutic genes inactive for many weeks.

            Such a research paves way for advanced clinical gene therapy trials in people who suffer from different disorders of the nervous system. Such disorders include Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (Garth, 2009). Additionally, early-stage gene transcription is a very important way of creating access to DNA (Shiba, 2008). Recently, a team of international researchers discovered a process through which different protein molecules bind in order to control sequences in different genes so as to initiate gene expression.  These findings were reported in Nature, a reputed scientific journal.

On the negative side, gene expression through radiotherapy has been found to bring about the potential for lasting vascular disease for a reason that is not yet known. Cancer sufferers who undergo radiotherapy face an increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease later on in life. This problem continues to grow, a new research conducted by Karolinska Institute indicates. New research indicates that sustained inflammation that is induced by post-radiotherapy changes resulting from gene expression within the arteries could be the main cause of this risk.

            In conclusion, research on the benefits and disadvantages of medical treatments that control gene expression is ongoing. It is hoped that this continued research will shed light on the significance of gene expression therapy.


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Garth, P. 2009. What Conditions can be Treated or Cured by Gene and Cell Therapies?, Retrieved on April 3, 2010.

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