Healthcare Questions

Healthcare Questions

Question 1: Difference Between Formative and Summative Evaluation

Formative evaluation is an assessment that is done to obtain the information to be used to create or improve a program and can be done during its planning and implementation. Process assessment and pilot-testing are part of this evaluation process. The main aim is to identify the cause and remedy for unprojected problems that come up after the implementation of the program (Hodges & Videto, 2011). On the other hand, summative evaluation is the assessment conducted to determine whether a program worked as expected or not.


Question 2: The 6 Broad Steps of Evaluation Outlined by the CDC?

The steps include engaging the stakeholders, selecting the appropriate evaluation activities, propriety-engagement with those affected by the program to safeguard their welfare in the evaluation activities, designing and conducting evaluation, selecting and testing evaluation tools and procedures, and finally, collecting evaluation data.

Question 3: The Five Tasks of Implementation Planning

The first task is to identify and confirm possible users and implementers of the program and revisit the partners of the program to make sure that the probable implementers and users of the program are represented in implementation planning groups. The second task is to identify performance goals for program acceptance, implementation, and sustainability. The third one entails identifying and stating the determining factors that could affect the adoption, implementation, and sustainability of the program. The fourth one encompasses identifying what needs to happen so that adoption, implementation, and sustainability may be achieved. The fifth task is to create intervention and organize programs to achieve the implementation objectives.

Question 4: Three examples of questions that need to be answered as part of implementation planning for program adoption.

  1. Who are the adopters and the users of the program?

The data to answer this question will be collected by asking the working groups some questions, for instance, who will decide to use the program, who they will consult, who will implement the program, and the connection between developers, adopters, and implementers.

  1. Who has to do what for the program to be used as intended?

This question will be answered by collecting data from the program adopters. The question will be answered by setting out to know whether the adopters know the program, what they have to do before the program is implemented,  and the training that will be needed to sustain the program.

  1. What factors may assist or affect the achievement of adoption, implementation, and sustainability of the program?

For this question, I will collect the data by asking pertinent questions to the adopters, for example, what they think about the program, whether they think it is better than the previous one, and whether they need external assistance to succeed.


Hodges, B. C., & Videto, D. M. (2011). Assessment and planning in health programs. Boston, MA: Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

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