How the Environment Affects Managers

| February 14, 2020

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Managers of large institutions have to make critical decisions all the time. In order to do this, they need to work in an environment that is conducive to their work. However, we live in an environment whereby interruptions are inevitable, though they can be reduced. An organizational environment is always a busy place where each employee strives to perform tasks in order to meet deadlines and improve his performance rating. When the environment is conducive, managers work efficiently. When there are distractions in the environment they find it difficult to carry out their managerial duties.


Environmental distractions take many forms. Sometimes, the manager’s office may become a venue for settling disputes between employees and their supervisors. When the disputes are too many, the manager finds it difficult to carry out other duties assigned to him such as supervision, a delegation of duties, carrying out daily performance assessments and making follow-ups from clients and customers.

Boeker & Goodstein (1991) notes that when distractions are few, a sense of sanity and order prevails in the organization. Workers, clients, visitors, and supervisors get the impression that everything is going on as planned. This makes the manager confident that everything is going on as it should. It, therefore, becomes easy for him to make conscious decisions on employee welfare, clients’ demands and generally, the future of the company.

A well-organized office is a source of motivation to managers. The layout of the office should create an environment whereby any item that the manager needs is easily accessible. This creates a formal setting, which orients the manager’s mind into the professional aspect of his work (Hambrick, 1981). When the office is disorganized, all other workers take the cue and start to adopt a disorganized approach in their respective duties. Therefore, managers should lead by example by creating the right environment in the places of work.


Boeker, W. &Goodstein, J. 1991. Organizational Performance and Adaptation: Effects of Environment and Performance on Changes in Board Composition, The Academy of Management Journal, 34(4), 805-826.

Hambrick, D. 1981. Environment, Strategy, and Power within Top Management Teams, Administrative Science Quarterly, 26(2), 253-275.

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