HRM Essay


How many of the movie shorts did you recognize? The business scholars today say that human resources may be the only competitive advantage that can last indefinitely if properly managed. All other competitive advantages last a shorter and shorter amount of time because of the changing nature of business. What do you think? Why should human resources be in the middle of this discussion? in your workplace are the human resource people seeing this statement as their driving force?


Topic: Human Resources Management

In the video clip provided, I only recognized one movie shot, which is from the 2012 movie Skyfall, In this movie, M, one of the actors, instructs Eve to “take the bloody shot”. Eve goes ahead in an attempt to shoot at the target. The target is a former agent who is trying to wrestle down her college, James Bond. Unfortunately, Eve shots her colleague instead of her adversary.  This movie shot provides a perfect example of a situation in which an employee is compelled to make the wrong decision simply due to pressure from her boss.

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Regarding the second question, I do not think human resources can last indefinitely because HRM thinking keeps changing with time. Moreover, organizations are continually facing the need to change the way they manage their human resources as a way of adapting to changing business circumstances with a view to satisfy both internal and external customers (Bowen, 1996). Meanwhile, I still think it is a good thing to manage human resources well at all times because the resulting positive reputation can help an organization attract the most talented workforce in the industry. In fact, this is the main reason why human resources should be in the middle of this discussion.

Many successful organizations are so famous for the way they treat their employee that it is the dream of many aspiring professional to work in those companies. In my workplace, our HR manager is interesting in molding the company’s HR practices into a model for the industry. However, like in the case of Eve in the Skyfall movie shot, constant pressure from his boss to adapt HR practices to meet immediate business performance-related demands often gets in the way of these efforts.


Bowen, D. (1996) Market-focused HRM in service organizations: Satisfying internal and external customers. Journal of Market-Focused Management, 1(1), 31-47.

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